Monday, July 16, 2007

Final Results!

Ok. So here we go.

1st- 20pts go to Lori for I ran next to eight ugly joggers. This was probably the simplest phrase/sentence and I liked that.
2nd- 14 pts go to Mom for Inmates riot nonstop through evening using jacko'lanterns!!! Jack-o-lanterns? Yes, please!
3rd- 8 pts go to Robin for In Retrospect, Never Terminate Employment Unless Jeopardized. Too true.

So our top 3 people are:
3rd place: Summers Camp and The Writ Wit (well, that's lucky prize-wise)
2nd place: Dad

and finally, 1st,


Prices will be sent out by Wednesday. They will be gift certificates for a restaurant that's in your area, so Summer's Camp, I need to know what sorts of restaurants there are in California where you live. I think I can guess my parents' pretty well.

Wow. When I first started this, I did not mean to look so swayed by family members. May it's because I grew up in their house, so I like their humor; I don't know. But thanks to everybody for playing. I'll probably do another contest in the nearish future, but I would like a break. Contest = required blogging and I haven't been able to write much about stuff I really want to post about, so a small contest break, but I'm sure in the next month or two there'll be another contest of sorts. Maybe I'll host it on my knitting blog.


  1. Fun contest! I feel lost today without my acronym to do.

  2. Woohoo!!! But let's just all remember, we're all winners. :)

    Thanks for hosting this Heather. It was the bees' knees yo! Maybe, as an idea, you could have a running contest going on over on one of the sidebars, rather than posting it. Just a thought...

    As far as restaurants are concerned, we're happy with anything. We'll discuss that later, and in PERSON! Woot woot, bring out the jibblies! *B

  3. I can't believe I won, Heather. Please do not feel you need to send us anything. We figured if one of us from the family won, we would get a big hug from you when we see you at graduation. So please, don't worry about sending anything. We've had fun each evening talking about this game.


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