Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Independence Day

Apologies for getting this up late; we slept in because of the holiday.

Ok, ok. So the results from yesterday's acronym!

I bequeath:

  • 10pts to the Writ Wit for United Brotherhood of Lederhosen Survivors. I kept imagining some guys sitting around in a lodge discussing their previous woes of lederhosen. Also, I noticed this after I decided results (because I don't read the comments myself): Did you change your profile pic just for the contest?
  • 7 points to Robin and NH Knitting Mama, for Underwater Brigand of Lost Sailors and Unbelievable Blue-Light Specials, respectively.
  • 4 points to Silent Five for Underdone Biscuits Lead to Salmonella. Too true, too true. Except I don't put eggs in my biscuits...
And of course, I award 1 point to everyone else for participation.

And before I get a phone call from my parents, I really, truly did this impartially. And I did like yours from the day before... Almost Everyone Knocks. That one was good.

And I know I said there wouldn't be an acronym today, but this is so much fun! However, because of the holiday, I won't be pulling the letters from the scrabble letter bag.

Today's acronym: F-L-A-G.

Have a good fourth!


  1. Oh come on! Mine was great! Bah! And Brad did in fact change his profile picture for the contest. And he's glad you noticed and that he won this round. Happy fourth! *B

  2. FATHER loves (loses) acronym game.

  3. Freedom Leaves All Gleeful.

  4. Feeling like a goof.

    I jumped to your blog via my friend, Beth. Hope you don't mind if I join in on the fun!

  5. flatulence leads (to) awful gazes

  6. Faith, Love, And Gratitude

  7. Flamboyant Latinos Always Gesture

  8. Fatal lectures about grammar.

  9. For the Love of All Googols!!!

  10. French Like Anything Gourmet


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