Tuesday, July 10, 2007


This is for anyone interested in my life instead of the contest.

I am currently taking 3 classes (though I was originally planning on 1) and I'll graduate in August. My current job is running out of money to pay me, so I'm attempting to set up another job. I have 2 interviews schedules (July 18 and August 1). I also was promised a call back for a job to schedule another interview sometime in the next week and a half.

Meanwhile, I'm knitting and researching for Project: Pigeon Hole, which is the reason I was gone last Friday. I also need to do the dishes. It's either that or wait for my home teachers to ask, "Is there anything we can do for you?"

"Why, yes, actually! That pile of dishes there..."


  1. I'm interested in your life! Good luck with it all! Do you have a dishwasher (the machine kind)?

  2. I'm always interested in your life! Wow, 3 classes instead of 1... a little bit of chaos, but then you'll be done. Go for it!

  3. You are almost there!!


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