Friday, July 13, 2007

Judging of 2

ndOk. From Wednesday's game we get:

1st place- 10pts to Queen Meadow for What a Terrible, Underhanded, Not-nice, Thing!!
2nd place -7 pts to Robin for We Tried an Unusually Nasty Trick
3rd place- 4 pts to Dad for Wearing torn underwear never tickles

It wasn't until I read which names were associated with each of these that I noticed it went in order. McKay had them all mixed up for me... It's great that weird things like that are statistically possible, huh?

And from Thursday, we have:

1st place- 10pts to Summer's Camp for Kenobi Recoils Inside Vaulted Tower because I like Star Wars
2nd place - 7pts to Queen Meadow for Klingon Ritual that Induces Vulcan Tremors. because I like Star Trek
3rd place - 4 pts to Mom for Kitten rides in van tailpipe

And the new letters!

Everyone is doing so well! I'm really excited for this! Also, don't forget: tomorrow's acronym will be the last. Maybe I'll up the point values for the last day. :)

Oh and cool news: We saw Harry Potter last night! hehehe


  1. k-p-e-a-h

    Keep People Eating Apple Hearts

  2. Anonymous9:52 AM

    Kim Possible Eavesdrops And Helps/Hides

  3. Sister9:53 AM

    Kim Possible Eavesdrops And Helps/Hides

  4. K-P-E-A-H

    Knitting People Encourage Always Helping

  5. Keeping Pretty/Plucked Eyebrows Always Hurts

  6. Kangaroo pouches embody Aussie homes.

  7. Kitting Princess enjoys amazing hats.

  8. Kissing Potter, Especially At Hogwarts

  9. Karaoke Punishes Every Attentive Hearer


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