Wednesday, July 11, 2007

More Acronyms

This was, by far, my favorite one to judge and it was so difficult to do. Just know, that there were many wonderful entries. It was very hard to pick.

But here we go:
1st place: 10pts to Mom for Evil voles: night time nuisances!! I, myself, would not like to run into a posse of evil voles...
2nd place: 7pts to Dad for Every Virtue needs tender nurturing. It's very true, and it seems mine need more nurturing than time allots for them....
3rd place: 4pts to Summer's Camp for Eccentric Vietnamese Noodles Turned Nasty. Eccentric? Hmm? Do the noodles not shower? Do they leave the house with two different colors of sock on?

And for the new letters! Five is such a good amount!



  1. W-T-U-N-T

    What a Terrible, Underhanded, Not-nice, Thing!!

  2. We Tried an Unusually Nasty Trick

  3. Anonymous4:24 PM

    Wearing torn underwear never tickles

  4. Wearing torn underwear never tickles

  5. Jared4:25 PM

    We taught Uncle Ned today

  6. Witty teacher unnerves new trainee

  7. W-T-U-N-T

    Wild Tom's Underwear Needs Tasting

    (this is a totally fictional entry!)

  8. Wicked Though Undervalued Nuns Thieve

  9. Webbed Toes Usually Need Trimming


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