Monday, August 27, 2007

Calling Roulette

So you have a pretty simple assignment at church: a little stressful towards the end of the month, but you do it so well, that you know for sure you'll be doing it until you move out of the ward.

And THEN, you get a phone call: "Sister Farley, you've been entered into Calling Roulette! Come meet with a member of the bishopric for a chance to spin the wheel of fate!"*

So you have half an hour until you meet your doom/bishopric member and the possibilities are endless:

  • Nursery/Primary teacher. Luckily for parents, the ward only asks non-parents to be in a responsible for children-related calling. Too bad you aren't a parent.
  • You know your husband is helping a family move a Saturday. You love them very much and would rather them not move... especially since it means that the YW President is moving out (aka any and all YW presidency callings are now open).
  • You also know there's enrichment committee openings. Not a bad calling, but it means meetings and evenings devoted to trying to get women to go to Enrichment.
  • And then there's those callings that you try to pretend don't exist: scout leader, activities committee (aka, more meetings), YW camp director, choir director...

So you get to the building.

"Sister Farley?"
"Come with me."

So you follow and follow and follow into a room with just two chairs, you take the smaller of the two, and roll the dice.

"Sister Farley, we have a calling here: you show up to church, don't have to pay any attention to any of the announcements, and with little or no preparation each week, you get to just sit back and not be bothered for the second two hours, and in fact, may be entertained with bouts of comedy during those 2 hours."

You jump up and down, confetti falling, fireworks crashing. WOOHOO! Who won the calling lottery? Oh yeah! I did!

Actually, it was more like, "Sister Farley, did you enjoy playing the piano in Primary last week?" (I was substituting since they didn't have a pianist)
"Oh yeah. It was great! I hear they need some one..."
"Yeah, about that..." And I was suddenly asked to be the Primary pianist. Jackpot.

Like I already mentioned: little or no preparation, don't have to pay attention to announcements since Primary activities won't pertain to me, and I can sit back and enjoy the children and the fact that I'm not responsible for them. Woot Woot. I don't think I've ever been so happy about a calling in my life. God really does love me. :)

The only "downside" occurred after the calling was extended:
"Is this a release from my other calling?"
"Other calling? You have another?" (pause...) "Oh.. Let's see this list... Oh. Relief Society Newsletter... I'll talk to the bishop about that."

So they've got me in two right now. At least they're both pretty low-maintenance. And with half the ward is moving out/in because of the semester starting next week, they'll be able to nab a poor unsuspecting newbie into RS Newsletter pretty quickly (I hope).

Oh and another great thing: as soon as the Primary Presentation is over in October(?), I get to play Christmas songs and have fun!!

*Ok. It was more like, "Sister Farley, is there a time we could meet with you to extend a calling?"


  1. Yay for a good calling :).

    I just moved, lost my "Assistant Ward Librarian" gig and have not gotten a new calling yet, I'm considering not going just so I wont get one, j/k.

  2. You will love your new calling. It's the best of all. At least Lucy Spencer and myself think so. We like to fight over it at times.


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