Friday, September 07, 2007

From the bowels of the Public Library

So Comcast was supposed to come on Wednesday, but they didn't. They claim that they're coming NEXT Wednesday. And the computers at work block Blogger and most other journaling sites, so I haven't been able to read everyone's blogs. Sadness. So I'm at the library trying to catch up on a week of blogging excitement.

My new job? How is it going? Pretty well. M-Th I teach touch typing, so that's pretty boring. One of the kids asked if my name was Mrs. Farty. Right... Another little girl was sure that her computer wouldn't capitalize the letters. I had to show her that you have to HOLD DOWN the shift while pressing the letter you want capitalized.

Really the most exciting events this week were the thunderstorms. Tuesday I went to JC Penney's to buy (gasp) maternity clothes. I'm pretty picky about clothes, if I don't completely like them, I don't buy them. So while my goal was to buy khakis for work, I ended up with a pair of jeans and a shirt that was on clearance. Total: $28. The khakis they had showed too many wrinkles from my underthings, so I didn't get them. On the way out of Penney's, though, the power cut out and a huge thunderstorm came through. It was gone in an hour and I thought it would be over, but the rain came back later that night and in the early morning.

And THEN. I drove to work. After work, I found that I left my lights on and the battery was dead. After two different attempts at zapping life back into it, it was up and running and I was on my way home!

Hahaha. Not the end of the story.

Next morning. McKay has the phone and is at school. I head out to the car and it's dead. I guess I didn't have it going long enough to recharge up the battery the day before. So it's 8 in the morning and I don't have a phone and I'm knocking on the neighbor's door. At the second door, I find a phone and a ward directory and call my home teacher... who is in class, but his wife offered her help and she drove me to and from work on Thursday. She has 3 beautiful daughters. We talked about pregnancy and such. Her MIL is a Bradley instructor so she used the Bradley method for birthing. I had already decided that I didn't like Lamaze's method, and was looking into Bradley, so it was nice to have someone to talk to (especially now that I am actually telling people that I'm pregnant).

Anyway, a friend of ours re-jumped our car and it worked this morning, but I didn't. I mean, I went to work, but on Fridays we do CSRing and working on projects, but since it's the first week, we had nothing to do and I couldn't even blog! So I disinfected the laptops (yesterday there was an incident of a student spreading feces all over a bathroom with a finger, so we decided it wouldn't hurt to re-clean the keyboards).

Well, anyway. It's weird working for an elementary school, especially when the teachers aren't big anymore. But it's sweet to eat in the teacher's lounge and get a free newspaper every day.

And one more thing. If a shirt shirt says small. It had better be small. I think the "small" on the label means "fits a small house." Gosh! Maternity clothes! At least the pants are way comfortable even thought they like to fall off my hips (and believe me folks, I have HIPS).

And the Duedes gave us a bushel of peaches. What do I do with a whole bushel of peaches? I guess I have to go buy canning supplies.

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  1. You may want to check out Old Navy's maternity selection. It's pretty awesome. And what now with all the hip blousey/flowey shirts, you could get away with almost any kind of top (it doesn't HAVE to say maternity on it). Also, rubber bands through the button hole and around the button works real well for a while... ask some of the cousins, they should still have my preggo clothes (Todd's girls), but tell them they're yours now.

    Hope you get internet soon. School sounds like a hoot to boot! Have fun, and be careful with dead batteries (even cell-phone ones...)!


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