Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I'm back!

Woohoo! Internet!

So here's a summary of this past weekend.

On Saturday we ran errands. Many errands.

And on Sunday, we canned 6 quarts of peaches!
The peaches came from the Duede's peach tree which had a branch fall. They gave us the peaches from the branch and our home teacher's lent us their steam canner. It was a mess, but hey, now we have a food storage. It might consist mostly of these peaches, though.

Monday, Tuesday, and today, I went to work. Pretty darn exciting, huh?

Working with elementary children is not monotonous, but it can be frustrating. And rewarding. Story time!

There's one boy in a third grade class that doesn't know English (actually 50% of the students are in ESL). He doesn't know Spanish, either, otherwise the rest of the kids could talk to him. On Monday, I found out what he knows: Portuguese. The teacher can't talk to him, the other students can't talk to him, but he is bright! He's the fastest typer in the class.
Well, my husband spent two years in Brazil and he knows Portuguese fluently. So I go home and ask him how to say some things. I even make up a cheat sheet for the teacher with basic things like "Thank you" "Good job" etc. Well, yesterday, I told him to change his font to twenty, but I guess he doesn't know what twenty is, so I say "vinte" as I point to the font size box. He changes it to twenty, and then realizes that I didn't speak English. He looks up at me and smiles. It was wonderful! Today I told him, "Meu marido fala Portugues. Ele me ensina" which means, "My husband speaks Portuguese. He teaches me." The boy understood and I think he was glad that I was trying to help him out.

Well, off to read some blogs. My Google Reader is full and I can't view them from the work computer due to filtering or something.

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