Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Two posts, one day

Wow my second post today! McKay just signed up for a new class that's 7-10 on Wednesdays and I just got the Internet, so I'm going to use his class time as my blog time.

Life as a Mama posted eleventy-one things about herself at her eleventy-oneth post. I guess it's blog tradition to post 100 things about yourself on your 100th post. Well, since I'm way past that (this is 213) and I'm always the last to know about these traditions, I'm going to post 213 things about myself.

And... how 'bout not. But I can do half of that.

I'm kind of looking at Life as a Mama's list for ideas, so forgive me if it's too similar to her's.

  1. I work at an elementary school as a "technology assistant." Basically, I teach the children computer skills.
  2. I graduated with a BS in Mathematics this past August.
  3. I should have 3 publications sometime this next year: 2 math and a chemical engineering one.
  4. I want to go to graduate school, but not in math. I'm thinking history, women's studies, or religious studies. Or all three.
  5. I am the oldest of 4. This means I was the guinea pig and that household rules were harshest for me and easiest on my little brother.
  6. I am expecting a baby in March. I don't care to find out the gender beforehand, as long as it's human (and even if they tell you it's human, with babies, it's hard to tell).
  7. I haven't been to the doctor yet for various reasons. These include (but are not limited to) the possibility of using a midwife for prenatal care and my general dislike of doctors.
  8. As of right now, I'm planning on having an unassisted childbirth. McKay has my permission to catch the baby (he had to promise that if he witnessed the birth, he'd still find me attractive afterwards!)
  9. I changed the car's battery today, all by myself, until McKay showed up while I was tightening the last screw, which he finished off for me.
  10. We're trying hard to establish a food storage in our little apartment. We have probably a month's worth of food for the two of us, maybe 5 weeks.
  11. We bought a new microwave last week!
  12. I love that I taught McKay to knit and I love bringing him to the yarn store with me. That's real family togetherness.
  13. I taught myself to knit after learning the knit stitch as a Beehive in Young Women's. I keep learning more because I never had a real teacher... like intarsia! If only I had known about intarsia 2 years ago!
  14. I tried to be a yarn snob once. I wouldn't buy anything with acrylic in it. I've since decided that yarn is yarn and if it fits your needs, then buy it. Sometimes you need the washability of acrylic. Don't snub yarn.
  15. I was a vegetarian for a month in high school.
  16. When I started dreaming about hot dogs, I decided to give it up.
  17. The official surrender was to chicken pot pie. But I learned that I really do like veggie burgers.
  18. My brother, Rick is in the MTC and will go to New York City in a few weeks to be a missionary.
  19. I've never been asked to speak in church since I've moved to Utah.
  20. The last time I spoke in church was the summer after my freshman year when I went home.
  21. McKay and I were married in the Chicago, Illinois Temple, the same temple my sister was sealed to my family in.
  22. I became interested in McKay when we both didn't have the money to go home at Thanksgiving and we were 2 of 13 people in the apartment building that stayed in Provo for the holiday. When there aren't people around to hang out with, you end up hanging out with the few that stayed behind.
  23. McKay proposed after 2 months of dating; we were engaged for 6 months.
  24. We went to the Wisconsin Dells on our honeymoon. America's largest waterpark down the street! America's largest indoor waterpark in our resort! Now that's what a honeymoon is about!
  25. The evening we got back from our honeymoon, we slept on our neighbor's couch (in their studio apartment) because we didn't have a bed yet.
  26. I love reading, but right now I don't know what to read, so I'm not currently in a book.
  27. It's really hard to sit while your husband does his homework. I'd watch movies, but with a one-room apartment, it'd be distracting for McKay. I guess this means I'll get lots of knitting done this fall.
  28. If we have a girl, her name will be Margaret Lynn.
  29. If we have a boy, his name will be Gerald (with a hard G). We can't decide on a middle name (there's a rock paper scissors waiting to happen).
  30. When I married McKay I inherited 15 (I think) nieces and nephews. Three more have been born since then. I had none before I married McKay.
  31. When I see other pregnant women, I can't imagine myself being that big, but I know I will be.
  32. I was on the color guard in high school for 3 years and at BYU for 2 years before I got married. I miss it because it kept me in shape.
  33. I own three color guard flags and hope to be an instructor for a high school color guard some day in the future.
  34. I went to the Illinois State Mathematics Contest all four years of high school, and was the second person from my high school to do so.
  35. I'm so glad I'm not in high school anymore.
  36. It's weird to be graduated, married, and expecting a child while my high school friends are still doing the dating, college party, single life thing, but I'm glad I'm out of that.
  37. I go to bed at 9:30.
  38. At my wedding I was too young to drink alcohol.
  39. Neither me nor my husband has ever had alcohol nor do we ever plan on it.
  40. We were both virgins until our wedding night.
  41. For dinner on our wedding night, we went to Culver's. McKay was unaccustomed to frozen custard, so I had to make sure he had some at least once in his life.
  42. I've been to Disneyworld, but not Disneyland. My husband is the opposite.
  43. I graduated seminary in 2004. Class was at 6 in the morning school days, but hey, it was great.
  44. I've had every piano-related church calling imaginable: ward pianist, relief society pianist, choir pianist, and now primary pianist.
  45. I've play the piano since 1st or 2nd grade. I used to be quite good. If we had a piano, I'd still be pretty good.
  46. I joined the band in fifth grade and played the clarinet because I had to do that for a year before I could play the oboe.
  47. When I tried out for the oboe, I told the band director that the oboe is the only reason I joined band.
  48. He let me play the oboe in sixth grade, but I think it was really so that he wouldn't lose another band student.
  49. I went to a bar mitzvah when I was 14. The same boy invited me to his prom 5 years later.
  50. I love okra.
  51. I want to make a baby sling even though I was informed that it makes you give off a "hippy" vibe.
  52. Once for a song in a piano recital, I stood up and stated, "I'm going to whistle Yellow Submarine by the Beatles with my eyes closed."
  53. I did it.
  54. The next week at my piano lesson, my teacher raved about my genius in choosing to do that.
  55. When I was in the seventh grade, I got upset at some boys who were picking on another boy. After I told them to back off, I heard one of the boys whisper, "She's PMSing." This was my first encounter with sexist comments and it was dumb because I wouldn't have my first period for another year. From this I've learned that even though I'm female and sometimes my hormones do affect my attitude, I know that I'm can feel strongly about something without it being hormone-related because I can distinctly remember that incident when I strongly reprimanded classmates for their meanness and I know for sure that hormones had nothing to do with it. Secondly, I never blame my hormones for anything because of this incident. I do the talking, not my hormones.
  56. I've seen a stuffed (as in taxidermy) Liger.
  57. I can't remember the last time I had a really good birthday. I've had definite bad ones, and mediocre ones, but not a good one lately. (We can blame McKay for last year's lousy birthday because he was sick that day and I had to take care of him :) )
  58. My favorite part of a men's body is the shoulders. Mmm... Shoulders...
  59. I feel connected to the world in airports and big cities.
  60. The Blue Man Group rocks. Everyone should see them perform live sometime. I highly recommend it.
  61. I've given really lousy talks in church.
  62. When I was little I used to be afraid of public speaking (still makes me nervous) so every Fast Sunday, I would go up and bear my testimony. I figured it would give me experience and I would overcome my fear.
  63. After 3 years, of doing this every month, I gave up and decided that bearing my testimony in church wasn't actually helping me get used to speaking in front of people. I was as afraid the last time as I was the first.
  64. Even though I'm working on making sure I love everyone, I really can't stand people who are just plain mean to other people. I also can't stand superficial people.
  65. I keep a jar to hold change in. It's almost filled and I can't wait to find out how much is in it.
  66. I'm an existentialist in that I don't believe that you can blame for past for how you are. We all go through hard times, but we are who we are because we choose to be. I also have little patience for people who blame something in their past and aren't doing anything to grow beyond that.
  67. I plan on breastfeeding as long as I can.
  68. I don't think being a wet nurse is strange. I'd totally do it.
  69. I ran two 5ks this past year, one for cancer research and one against pornography and abuse.
  70. McKay is three years older than me and I had to make sure he was ok with that when we got engaged. A three year difference was strange to me (my parents are 3 months apart).
  71. Our wedding cake was chocolate.
  72. I like my maiden name better than my married. It may be just because I had that name longer.
  73. On our wedding anniversary, we had hot dogs for dinner because we forgot to buy real food.
  74. I've never been the primary driver of a car younger than 1991.
  75. My favorite elementary school teacher was Mr. Felty. His birthday was Halloween.
  76. I've had my feet in both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.
  77. The strangest thing about my trip to Germany when I was 17 was realizing that people really do use German to go about their every-day lives. It's true. People really speak German!
  78. I was in the Geography Bee for 2 years in elementary school.
  79. I think I'm a pretty upbeat person.
  80. I regret forgetting my wedding hat at the house. I didn't have it for pictures at the temple or at the receptions. I wear it about once a month at church, though, if that counts for something.
  81. At the reception in California, I had just started my period that day (and my first day or two is always really rough). I had to put on a good face because it was our reception, but I really just wanted to be alone somewhere in the fetal position.
  82. I look really bloated in the pictures from that reception because of that.
  83. I sold my wedding dress half a year ago.
  84. I played softball for 4 seasons as a kid. For 3 of those seasons, my number was 14.
  85. I used to say my favorite candy bar was Baby Ruth because I played softball and thought that I was supposed to say that.
  86. My favorite candy bar is Butterfinger.
  87. I wont a root beer float drinking contest against a couple of guys my freshman year. I had somewhere around 8 root beer floats (and a little bread to keep my stomach from hating me).
  88. My favorite tree is maple.
  89. My favorite smell is lilac.
  90. Right now, I'm in love with the blue morning glories outside our apartment.
  91. When I was little I used to think my parents were "so old!" I know now that they aren't and I know that without fail, my own children will think I'm "so old!" even though I'm not.
  92. I get along well with most of my in laws.
  93. I remember the day of my baptism very distinctly, especially how I felt during the confirmation. But I also remember which dress I wore that day (it was a navy blue jumper with little white flowers) and what gifts I was given for that birthday (my scriptures, a Barbie from my grandpa, and a Minnie Mouse watch from my parents).
  94. I played the piano at my grandpa's funeral. I used the piano as my source for releasing my grief until my dad came into the piano room about a month after the funeral and told me to stop using the piano for my grief and to get over it. So I did.
  95. I still think about my grandpa.
  96. I try to write in my journal once a week or more.
  97. Even though I was allowed to date once I was 16, I didn't get asked on a date until I was almost 17.
  98. I've learned that high school dating is just silly and ridiculous.
  99. I've only thrown up 8 times my entire pregnancy. I think that's pretty darn good.
  100. Ghostbusters 2 gave me nightmares as a child.
  101. My favorite Primary song when I was little was "Give Said the Little Stream."
  102. I love how tangible God is
  103. My favorite story in the Old Testament is when Hosea marries a wife of whoredoms. It's a great lesson in forgiveness.
  104. Early on in our dating, I knew that McKay and I would have a long term relationship. I knew I'd never do anyting that would cause him to break up with me and he'd never do anything to cause me to break up with him.
  105. I had a birthmark in between the ring and pinky fingers on my right hand. You can barely see it now, but it was very noticeable when I was little.
  106. I love to floss.
So yeah. I can't believe you just read all that.


  1. yeah!! what fun... so the funny thing is that i kept saying "oh, me too!" about DIFFERENT stuff than you said it about mine!

    for example, i got a minnie mouse watch from my grandparents for my 8th grade graduation. i went to state math contests (and latin - and nationals in latin, but i'm REALLY a nerd).... i love the blue man group (i've seen them twice), i took piano lessons for a gazillion years, i don't think being a wet nurse would be strange, but the movie that gave me serious nightmares as a child was Beetlejuice. That STILL scares me.

    Thanks for doing this - it was a lot of fun to read. Oh, and GORGEOUS header!

  2. Yay, you're back! I loved reading this, every minute of it! Thanks for sharing about yourself Heather.

  3. Thank you for letting the world know I'm not old. I've never felt old, but myabe in March I will. No I don't think so, I'm looking forward to being a young grandma.


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