Monday, September 17, 2007

Weekend Report

So I'm not going to post this until I get home, but it's my lunch hour at work. We did the regular weekend things this weekend: go out for pizza and rent movies on Saturday night, go to church on Sunday. It was nice to just have a regular weekend, though.

Oh, but at Blockbuster, we had an interesting adventure. I really wanted to see a Bob Hope film, but couldn't find any except for Princess and the Pirate, which I've seen already. I decided to end up with Johnny Dangerously, which like any spoof, is funny and great except for those couple of sex-related humor parts. Anyway, then it was McKay's turn to pick a movie. Quiz time! Which movie did McKay pick?

A) Lady in the Water
B) Kate and Leopold
C) Bourne Supremacy
D) Gremlins

Well, if you picked B, you were correct.

What the jibblies? I pick a guy movie and McKay picks a chick flick? Yes, my friends, yes.

During the sappy parts, I was booing and everything. McKay was, "shh!"

But I love him. I was able to get some knitting done during the movie, at least. I frogged out a project and started it over. Lots of progress.


  1. oh that's a funny story. i think i like this mckay person. :)

  2. He's just so darn sensitive. We love you Mr. M!


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