Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pregnancy blogging

I bet you are all tired of reading about my pregnancy. Sorry about that; this is my first time being pregnant, so it's pretty new to me and in the forefront of my mind (and abdomen). I've talked more about pregnancy this last week than I have in the previous 19 it seems.

Starting last Friday, I went to the Duede's to do my laundry there. It's free there, but you can only do one load at a time, so it took a while. Carolyn and I chatted lots about our respective pregnancies: our thoughts, our husband's reactions dealing with the new responsibility, and how dumb it is to say you're halfway there at 20 weeks! You aren't! Get over yourself.

First, you get a few free weeks at the beginning when you aren't even pregnant yet and then you have to wait a couple of weeks to even find out if you are. You have AT LEAST 5 weeks there where you don't know yet. And then, you don't even feel pregnant for 3 months, you just feel sick. I don't think you feel halfway until around 28 weeks. I've decided my halfway point happens sometime between Carolyn's baby's birth (due Dec. 11) and Christmas. Until then, I'm going up hill.

Carolyn also discussed how she's ready for the baby to come, but she still has 2 months or so. She works at home, though, and probably sits there and thinks about it all the time. I, however, am not as far along, and I work almost full time, so I dedicate less time to thinking about my pregnancy. I hope it won't feel like it's dragging on when I get to January.

Meanwhile, McKay and I decided to take a birthing class. It's actually 2 classes: a pregnancy one and a birthing one. We're taking the pregnancy one next week (nutrition, exercises, etc). This is good. We're working on a midwife/UC compromise. It might result in a doula; it's leaning that way, at least.

Yesterday I went to an LLL meeting. I was nervous to go. I wasn't sure how "granola" they would be. It turned out that they are as granola as I am... I wonder how granola that makes me.

and now our keyboard is going bazerk. I'll finish what I wanted to say later. and post a pic later.

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  1. ha! i totally hear you on the granola LLL comment. i didn't think i was that "crunchy" until i started meeting lots of really crunchy people and then found out that we were really on the same page.

    yeah, my parents were on the fringe of the hippie movement, i'm a fringely crunchy mama. so fun!

    and don't apologize for talking so much about your pregnancy - it's the most amazing thing that has ever happened to you, you're constantly aware of it, and it's okay to revel in the miracle! i love hearing about pregnant women! although you're not helping my "itching to have #2" thing!


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