Friday, October 19, 2007


I vowed to clean the house, and although it could stand a little tidying and sweeping, it looks much better. Proof:

These are the shelves above our desk. It used to be a disaster. The bottom one was full of files and office supplies. Office supplies are now limited and the files have been gone through, thrown out, and put into a new little file holder. The middle shelf was overflowing with books. It's now more under control (though, more books will be moved once McKay finds a better place for them). The top shelf was just scrapbooks and photoalbums, which are now neatly in a closet. Now it looks more like real people own it instead of college students. Hooray! But we still can't seem to get rid of the cinderblock walls :)

And my new vow: to take more pictures. Here's our apartment complex.
We live in the one whose door is to the right of the red car (our car), under the bikes. We park our car in front of our window so that other people can't come and shine their lights in our window at night (as our bed is right on the other side of the window). Notice the features of that beautiful red, or as we've named her, Samantha. She no longer has a handle on the passenger-side door and has never had a passenger-side rear view mirror. McKay says it was optional on the car. It also no longer has a 10 gallon gas tank, but a 3-ish gallon tank that is the size of a 10 gallon tank with a hole in it. At least it still has an engine.

Anyway, vow to take more pictures. The mountains have been really pretty lately, so I've decided to make sure I carry my camera around more often.

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