Monday, November 05, 2007

Daylight Savings

Well, gaining an hour didn't help very much. McKay and I were kind of ill, so the extra hour of sleep wasn't actually any extra.

But hey, I guess I can look forward to losing an hour March 9!

But that date sounds vaguely familiar...

Oh RIGHT! This baby should be born sometime March 8-13 depending on what you use to determine due dates! Lucky me! Not only do I get to lose sleep over labor/newborn, I also get to lose sleep with the rest of America!

Pardon my sarcasm. I'm not really that bitter, but it seems I should be. Ok, maybe not bitter, but for some reason people consider "pregnancy" and "having a miserable time" equivalents . This past weekend, when we were out at dinner on Saturday night, every female in the party asked me at some point "if I'm feeling alright." Scratch that--every female who spoke to me; one didn't, but that's not unusual.

Do I look ill? Does being pregnant mean I'm going to drop dead any second? I hope not. I responded cheerily enough: "I'm feeling great! Should I feel bad? I haven't been sick in months."

One, though, probably to increase my optimism, told me, "Don't worry; it'll get worse later on."

Hey, thanks! I like the encouragement!

Ok. So I have a little more sarcasm in my system than usual. I'll be more light-hearted later this week.

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  1. oooh! my sister-in-law is due on march 9, but she always goes 9 days early, which would put her on LEAP YEAR DAY. i think you should aim for that, too!

    (not that you have pretty much any control at all over that, but it's a worthy goal all the same!)

    pretty much i can't have a baby this leap year day, so i'm wanting everybody else to have the fun of it!


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