Thursday, November 01, 2007

May I vent?

So yesterday, all my classes canceled on me, so I left work early (Halloween parties = teachers don't want computer class in the middle of the day). I decided that I needed to buy a new pair of maternity pants (as I only owned 1) and a black skirt for church. Black matches most any top, so I was being quite thrifty in this purchase.

Ok Mall. Sears and Penney's didn't have the best selections (couldn't find the skirts!) and I'm NOT going into a Dillards or Nordstroms. TOO EXPENSIVE.

So I try the Motherhood Maternity store.

When I get there the sales clerk is on the phone with her husband, and I go straight to the black skirts, pick one out, and start looking at pants. I was looking at some khaki colored ones for work since I already own a pair of maternity jeans. THEN the clerk gets off the phone and decides to be my best friends EVER. She complains about how she can't stand her husband and that he doesn't tell her he loves her, but he's a good father to their girl, so it all works out. And Blah Blah Blah. She asks if she can help me find something. I say I'm looking for a black skirt and some khaki colored pants, and she brings out more options. Nothing wrong with that, but then she tries selling me these bras... Supposedly they prevent breast cancer, but she didn't have the source information for that. And then she goes on and talks about her upset stomach and her cesarean and her daughter's ear infection.

The thing is, I don't really care about these things. I go to a store, pick what I want, and then buy it. I don't go to the store for girl talk. If I wanted girl talk, half the local population are female... I don't think I'd have that much problem finding girl talk.

More blah blah blah... her stretch marks... blah blah blah.

THEN, I mention that I haven't had an ultrasound and she goes BERSERK and I get a 20 minute lecture filled with, "I don't mean to lecture you...but..." and when another customer comes into the store, she goes, "Hey! You think she should see a doctor, right?" Of course the other customer agrees and now I'm out numbered.

It probably would have been wise to tell them that I know a couple of local midwives and I've talked to a few people about this and that I don't care about getting to know a doctor because I don't want to have the baby in a hospital, but I just wanted to get out of there (it's been an hour now- I only ended up with what I came in for- it's not like I was "browsing" and "shopping" for fun- I don't do that).

So I stand there with my plastic in my hand to pay for my few items and she spends the next ten minutes NOT scanning them and giving me more lecture. I tried to smile and be nice, "I understand your concern..." She cuts me off with a, "I'm not concerned, I just think..."

Ugh. My favorite part was when she said, "My mother had a 13 pound baby and had it vaginally. I don't know how she did that."

I really wanted to follow up with, "Well, a woman's pelvis is made to stretch and give birth. "Large" babies aren't a concern if you understand a little anatomy and trust your body." I mean, come on! She just gave me the perfect example of a birth that went just fine without a cesarean, why can't she understand that?

Anyway. I've never spent so long buying 4 items in my life (I also got some maternity hosiery because I always wear hose to church and my other ones are only going to stretch so far.)

Other highlights:

"What if you end up with high blood pressure?"
"I check my blood pressure on a weekly basis; that's more often than most doctors require."

"You know, there are things you don't think about: like when you want to cut the cord and stuff. You'll have had the baby and then all these other surprises"
"We already have that arranged, thank you." (Cut the cord when it stops throbbing-how hard of a decision can that be?)

"Are you taking prenatals?"
"Yes. I started taking those when we started trying. I had been taking a general multivitamin before that."
She then looked SO that makes up for the lack of doctor. :)

I also liked how the other customer gave me her doctor's phone number. Yep. That's right. I'll take doctor recommendations from a stranger in a store. That got...thrown away quickly.

Maybe I should write to her manager. It wasn't that bad, but I don't like being pestered while I shop or lectured while I'm trying to purchase something.

Like my dad has said, "I don't go shopping, I go buying."


  1. Some people are just weird, and pushy, and know it all without knowing anything ;).

    You'll always find someone that thinks you did something weird. My oldest two kids are almost 4 years apart, too far apart to many and then the 2nd and 3rd are 20 months apart, which makes me crazy to do such a thing. Um, thanks?

    Also, my boys look like night and day, which opens up a whole new can of worms, ugh! I better stop now, hehe, sorry.

  2. I went into Motherhood today too, actually looking for clearance summer clothes as I realized I don't have much of anything to wear in Hawaii, the maternity clothes I wore this summer don't fit anymore! Anyway, I think that is just the general way of the Motherhood employees, they are always way overly friendly, mine tried to get me to join some free club so I could get free formula and coupons. I told her I don't do formula and I get tons of coupons anyway and I wanted to say this is my 5th kid, I'm almost done, leave me alone! Anyway, I know how you feel and unfortunately when you tend do things that aren't the norm for most people (I get the same thing and I haven't even tipped the natural scale as far as you even though I'd like to) you're going to hear about it, I've just gotten used to it over the years I guess! Have fun with the new clothes! --Melinda

  3. get used to it!! there is something about being pregnant that turnes other people into weirdos. perfect strangers feel free to touch you and comment on your weight. like i'm not insulted to be called big just because i'm pregnant. i had one guy at work who completely analyzed EVERYTHING i ate work...down to the last minute detail. that got very irritating after 6 months. also, i didn't take a prenatal vitamin with either pregnancy, and people always thought that i was going to hurt my baby. i took folic acid and then just ate a balanced diet and called it good.


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