Monday, November 26, 2007


I'm always jealous of the photos on Zeneedle's blog. She lives in Utah, too, and just gets nice pictures of the area and sky. So on our trip, I tried to find some pretty pictures, also. Here are a few. Pictures of me and McKay will be on our mutual blog. These were all taken from inside the car.

Heading south:

Approaching the Hoover Dam:

Electrical lines at the Hoover Dam:

Hoover Dam:

Heading back north after the trip:

A road near the Grand Canyon (sorry, we didn't actually take a picture of the Canyon, but it was pretty grand).

This canyon was amazing and this picture doesn't capture its majesty. This is on our way to Cedar City.

The trip was longer than expected; we had a pit stop in Cedar City due to low transmission fluid. We are back safely, and glad that the transmission fluid didn't disappear while we were in the mountains. I think the highest altitude we ventured on was around 9200 feet. Almost 2 miles up. Our poor little car!

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