Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thankful Thursday

NHKnitting Mama wrote a post about Thankful Thursday, so I figured, I'd blog about what I'm thankful for.

Do you ever wake up and end up thinking about stuff before actually crawling out of bed? That's what I did last Sunday. This is what I thought about:

I'm really thankful for my health this pregnancy. Sure I had a cold last week, but everyone gets a cold once in a while. During the month of September, I kept having these intense migraines: harder than I've ever had before. I definitely lost feeling in my tongue and fingers during one migraine. I was a little worried about that, as that seems to border the definition of "stroke." I definitely wasn't a fan of what was going on in my brain that month.

Which brings me to my next things to be thankful for: priesthood blessings. I'm a FIRM believer in them. And that's also why my headaches are gone. I am so grateful that God still works with us and can heal us. I haven't had a migraine since September.

And then I started thinking about my favorite scripture: 1 Timothy 4: 12-16, particularly verse 14 because its reference to the laying on of hands.

I just love the priesthood. I love everything that comes from having it in my home. I enjoy good health because of prayers and blessings, and I'm glad of that.

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