Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Labor Practice

So yesterday, I finished re-reading Laura Shanley's Unassisted Childbirth. I was thinking about how she had dreams during her pregnancy about birth, and I thought to myself, "I haven't had one of those in a while." Well, then I got one last night. It was strange, though.

In my dream, I was looking down at my belly. I knew in my dream that I was only 6 months along, like I am now, and I knew the baby wasn't ready yet, but I wanted to figure out what position the baby was in (I've been reading spinningbabies.com lately). For some reason, in my dream, the logical thing to do was to flex my uterus/push, so I did. And immediately, the head was down in my pelvis ready to come out! I knew that it was too soon to have the baby, so I stopped my push and tried to push the baby back up into my abdomen with my hands pressing on my lower belly (like a tube of toothpaste going the wrong way!)

But then I got curious about the baby and birthing, so in my dream, I decided to push again, and again the baby was in my pelvis ready to come out. I must have been sitting or squatting, because I decided on one more little push and it crowned! I saw the face looking at me from in between my legs! It was weird to watch the baby watch me. We just kind of looked at each other for a while.

It was obviously posterior and face-presenting. I really don't think that's even physically possible in real life, but that's what was going on in the dream. In my dream, I questioned if it was ok that she was face-presenting, but I knew immediately that everything was fine. Then the rest of the baby slipped out and I caught her (that's when I realized it was a her). There was no bag of waters, just a baby and a cord. Well, she was really thin and obviously not done developing, so I decided to put her back in.

Yeah. Crazy, huh? So I take her legs and put them together, and shove them right back in! I get the rest of her back in and position her head so that when she came out again, she wouldn't be face-presenting. I could even shape her head with my hand as I put her back in. That kind of felt weird.

Well, then I wanted to birth her again. At this point I knew that she wasn't ready to really come out, but I also knew I could put her back in if I wanted to, so I push her out again. Again she came face-presenting. I don't know how because I had just positioned her head. So I put her back in again and birth her again. Another face.

At this point in my dream, I'm wondering if I've stretched myself out too much: pushing her in and out so many times. I was worried that if I put her in again, she'd just slip right out because I was so stretched! But I put her in again and it was ok.

And then I woke up and thought about what a crazy dream it was.

My over-all impressions: I remember that none of it hurt. It was really nice to birth over and over and get used to it feeling natural and not hurting at all, even though the position would have meant all kinds of back labor for most people. What I remember most was the ease of the birth and how easy I stretched and easy it was for both of us. The baby never cried nor looked upset: just a happy baby practicing her debut.
I don't really think that the baby can be both posterior and face-presenting at the same time (I could be wrong, though), so I don't think that's a predictor of the baby's position. I think the posterior/face-presenting was for my benefit: I looked at her and looked at her and she kept looking at me. It was a nice greeting for the both of us. Maybe it shows I really want to meet this baby or she really wants to meet me, or both.

And for the record, we don't actually know the gender in real life. The baby was a girl in this dream, but has been a boy in other dreams. I think the number of girl dreams outnumber the boy dreams by 2, though. The girl dream was odd because lately I've been thinking of the baby as a boy and now I've switched opinions again. Look for a "contest" in the future about the baby's gender. Probably January.

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  1. Great dream!! As you know, I practiced giving birth in dreams many times. I truly felt it helped me on many levels. As far as the positions, maybe it's showing you that you don't need to worry about what position he/she's in. My first was a face presentation, my second was a footling breech, and my third was posterior. They all came out easily. Good luck and thanks for the link!


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