Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I wish it was a snow day

So I had to go to work this morning. This was the car. I was quite surprised.

This was the drive:

I know it probably doesn't look that bad to you, but I was scared and nervous. I fishtailed a few times, but not too badly. I was going slow and all the SUVs were hurrying pass me, but at least I ended up safe. I should have taken a picture of the bus in the ditch in front of our apartment complex.

I was glad I was driving, though. I have a good understanding of needing 75 feet to slow down and pump the brakes even though the people behind me do not. Please do not tailgate me!

They really should have cancelled school, or at least delayed it an hour or two. Buses were late, teachers were late, 1/3 of the school had substitute teachers planned for today and all of the subs were late. Kids were so antsy being inside all day. Antsy, talky, rowdy. I even asked myself, "Why do we teach children to talk and get excited when they do?" because I sure wished they'd all shut up! I told Gaylene, my coworker, we wouldn't teach our kids to talk. We'd just make sure we'd grunt and point when we're around them.
I'm an awful person for thinking that, I know.


  1. Anonymous7:01 PM

    Why are you taking a picture when you are driving? Is that safe?

  2. My question exactly!!! Crazy head.


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