Friday, January 04, 2008


I took this idea from Carly. I don't post pictures here enough, so I'm going to this time!

Photo Survey!!

- go to Google Images
- search for your answer
- pick one image from the first page
- post

Age at my next birthday:

A place I'd like to travel:

Favorite food:

Favorite object:

Favorite color:
I don't have one, but I do like purple.

Town you are from:
Cary, IL (this is an old photo, but I can see the street where I lived)

Town you live in now:
Provo, UT. This is the Provo Temple

Name of a past pet:
Reveille. This is actually the collie that our dog was named after; A&M was my parents' alma mater.

Name of a past love:
Vincent. I had a crush on Vincent Powell in fifth/sixth grade. I even asked him to line dance with me. This was probably the hardest thing I did in fifth grade.

Your first name:
Heather. You have to be careful when googling "heather," though. You tend to get a lot of porn.

A bad habit
nail biting- Keeping my nails short since 2nd grade.

Your first job
I worked at Women's Fitness Center as a nursery attendant. I watched kids while their moms worked out. All for $5.35/hr.

Grandmother's name: Margaret.
This is a portrait of Margaret Kemble Gage. I don't know who Ms. Gage was, but she must have been famous for her portrait to show up on google.

College Major:
My BS was in mathematics.

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  1. That was really fun - thanks! I might borrow that tomorrow for my post-of-the-day!

    You've definitely been on my mind lately as you're getting bigger... how far along are you? And I assume you're not finding out what you're having? Fun...


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