Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A plug!

Here I am, promoting my swap again. The deadline is tomorrow!

Meanwhile, it's already Wednesday. When did that happen? (I guess around midnight...)

Wednesday really is my day over the hump of the week. Thursday is an easy day at work, when I only teach 4 classes as opposed to 7 and then Friday is a half day.

It snowed a lot yesterday and last night. I was once again driving to work- going about 30 in a 50 zone. I didn't have any issues with sliding on the road until I got to work- that parking lot is icy, but it was only half a fish tail.

The pregnancy is going well. I feel good and my circumference is steadily increasing: all good signs. I know I know. I need pictures!

Today is my "get things done" day. McKay will be hometeaching tonight, I so I guess I should do some more dishes and tidy up our living room. Maybe I'll get my visiting teaching done. :)

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