Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Ash Wednesday

I feel like I should give something up for Lent, but I can't think of anything to give up. Oh well.

Today I went to a Paraeducator's Conference instead of work, which was a nice break. Yesterday at work, the kids were off the wall and I was always on my feet, so I needed this. But the conference was pretty boring- I didn't care too much to learn anything because I figure I'll be quitting my job in a month, and most of it was directed to special education paras, of which I am not. I'm just a technology person.

I knit during the conference and finished another baby monkey sock and started another. I told a lady I'm planning on selling them, and she was interested, but I couldn't find her later. How much would the socks go for? I don't know.

I really just want to sleep, but it's only 7. McKay's doing homework, the dishes need doing and I'm just sitting here tired. And my belly has decided that it doesn't like anything pressing against it- kitchen countertops (hence I'm not doing the dishes), McKay's hugs, not even my elastic maternity waistlines. So I'm pants-less for the moment. I guess that means I could go to bed now, huh?

I really want to get the etsy shop up and since I finished that sock, all I really need to do is take some pretty pictures and post them- the problem is winter is just not a good time for natural light.

Speaking of pictures, we're getting maternity pictures done on Feb 16. I'm excited for that! Hooray!

So that was somewhat random. Back to work regularly tomorrow!

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