Friday, February 22, 2008

How I'm feeling

Last night I was tired. REALLY tired. So I didn't go see all the AP people like I planned (I had even bought a candle and had a bead ready). I wanted to, but as I was waiting for McKay to come home from school, the thought came to me, "You're tired for a reason- do something about it!" Yes, it's true. I'm very pregnant and I might give birth soon (and we all know how much sleep I'll get after the baby has arrived). So I decided that my body needed sleep and relaxation and I didn't go out. McKay gave me a blessing earlier in this pregnancy, and I was told to "do only that which I know is good for the baby." I couldn't justify going out when I knew that sleep was good for the baby.

And today, I have quite the To Do: list. I'm going to post it here- I feel that if I post my to do list online, I'm actually going to do it, since you'll all expect me to. Most of it is getting packages out.

So in no particular order (and I honestly have no idea what order I'm going to do this all in)

  • Send out the Baby A Baby Swap contest prize.
  • Finish buying the items for the Scavenger Hunt Swap and get that package ready to go out tomorrow.
  • Print out some of the maternity pictures for grandparents, my brother, and other relatives and get those out in the mail. Speaking of, I should post more of them. I put some up on Facebook, and some of the ones that got a lot of comments aren't posted on our mutual blog (I did that for space-saving reasons). However, if they're that popular, I guess I should post them on our blog, too.
  • Get some yarn out to my MIL/SIL. Deia is going to crochet a scarf with the same yarn that McKay knit a beret from for their mom. We were lucky that the yarn store still had the dye lot in stock!
  • CLEAN THE HOUSE! I've actually been somewhat on top of it. All that's left in the bathroom is the tub and floors since I did the sink and toilet earlier this week. Some of the youth in the ward came and did some dishes for us (they were on a service scavenger hunt the other night), so we don't have much of those to do. Speaking of doing dishes, on Monday night, our kitchen faucet broke. It got fixed, but we didn't do our dishes that night because we were kind of sick of being near the sink and it was wet everywhere and it needed to dry. So we're only behind in dishes because of that. What I really need to do house-wise is find a place for all my knitting WIP, as they are in a pile on the floor. If I could just knit them and send them out, it'd be great.
  • Go shopping for a wading pool and some Chux pads for the birth.
  • Sew a sling. And I came into possession of quite a few old cub scout bandannas. I'm wondering if they'd be good for something. I think I'll ask the APers if they know how to transform them into diapers or something.
  • Knitting I'd like to finish: the dog sweater, little mittens to go with a bear hat I made for my etsy shop, a baby ear flap hat to go in my etsy shop, the Baby a Baby Swap gift, and my February socks.
And none of this can get done until after I get off from work at 12. And I have an appt. at 3. We'll see how this goes today.

Off to work I go!

Let's hope I don't wear myself out today. I've been having mild mild menstrual-like cramps since yesterday morning. I figure it's normal and I still have lots of time, though.


  1. i wouldn't use old bandannas for a sling - too much use / washing could make them wear through and develop holes - which aren't too safe!!

    you could use a GAZILLION of them and sew "flats" (sort of like prefolds)... just stack a bunch of them and sort of quilt them together, maybe with some flannel in there for absorbency or softness.

    you making a ring sling, or are you planning another type? the easiest to make is a fake-moby-wrap, of course, since that's just six yards of fabric cut down the middle, but ring slings are super easy to make...

  2. Oh. I wouldn't use the bandannas for a sling- I have some fabric and a couple of rings for that. The bandannas would probably turn into little diapers.

  3. Take care of yourself Heather!!!


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