Wednesday, February 20, 2008

in the hole (but not on deck)

Signs labor will show up in the next month or so:

  • Dilation. I've been dilated since early January, but this past weekend, I've definitely felt more open- I'd guess around a 3.
  • Baby's in a great position. If my assessment of the position is correct (based on location of heartbeat, kicks, and where the big round hard spots are), its butt is right where it should be, its feet are kicking the right side and its head is down.
  • Some BH* this past weekend, but really only when I was up for too long. And I could very easily ignore them. I knew they were there, but it was like a very very light menstrual cramp- the kind that I've learned to ignore.
  • Loose stools. Yesterday, for the first time in a long time, I wasn't constipated. It may have something to do with the fact that I tripled my fiber intake yesterday, though. Either that or someone spiked my breakfast with castor oil. Bodies like to not have things in their bowels if a baby's also going to be putting pressure down there, so they'll empty themselves out pretty thoroughly before labor. Except for breakfast this morning, I'm pretty thoroughly empty.
  • Sunday night, in a dream, I felt that this baby was coming this week. When I woke up, I immediately told myself, "No way that's going to happen!" I am still quite doubtful of it. I'm hoping it takes its precious time.

Signs it's going to be a little while longer:
  • No loss of mucus plug.
  • Baby hasn't dropped, as far as I can tell- though it's been head down most of the pregnancy, so maybe I won't have a noticeable "drop." I haven't had problems breathing at all, so maybe the baby is just low (except how would that explain the heartburn?)
  • The water bag is still intact.
  • No regular BH.
  • Lack of nesting. Well, maybe I am nesting, but I don't actually have the time to do it. My brain might be in nesting mode but my schedule is not. Although if I ask myself, "Self, would you clean up the house, buy some more birth supplies, or get some baby stuff if you had the day off?" My self responds, "Nope! I'd knit, though!" That might be pretty indicative of where my nesting instincts are: not here.

Why it wouldn't surprise me if it were today: the full moon**. Babies just like full moons. The baby won't be "due" until the new moon, but it wouldn't surprise me if it came today or on the next full moon and be a little "late".

I'm actually rooting for the "late." March's full moon sounds good. Or Easter. It'd be so nice to have a couple of weeks with no work (next week is my last) and no baby (though it would be welcome, of course). Also, we have no baby clothes, except for a few pairs of socks and a hat I've knit. And we have 1 diaper. We've kind of been waiting for the baby shower to get baby things. We figured we'd find out what we get and then buy what we didn't. But we are pretty ready for the birth itself. McKay would still like to go out and get a wading pool, but he's been very busy with school and work. He's doing a wonderful job of being on top of his homework so this baby doesn't cripple him academically.

So those are the thoughts that have been going through my head (especially when I get up to pee in the middle of the night). I really don't think this baby is coming soon, but I'm surprised at how many labor signs I have been having. Of course, you can't REALLY know you're in labor until you see the head coming out! :)

*You may call them Braxton Hicks if you'd like, but I'm going to call them Baby Hugs. They sound more fun that way.

** For those of you interested, there should be a pretty nice lunar eclipse tonight. Check it out! If it's not overcast, we're definitely checking it out.


  1. Your dilated to a three?!?!?! Uh, ok then. *B

  2. That's good news. I never dilated past a two in both pregnancies!

  3. Huzza! It sounds like everything is going great! I like the term baby hugs much better too.


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