Monday, February 04, 2008

To the pregnancy gods:

It'd be really nice if I started nesting now!

My house is a mess and a little burst of nesting energy would do it some good. I've even pretended to nest, thinking it might bring on the nesting urge (like pretending to be happy can sometimes help you become happy). Last night, we made lasagna for dinner. I doubled the recipe, and since it was such a large recipe, I made up 2 extra lasagnas to freeze. I figure it's February and I've got 5 weeks left. If I prepare 2 frozen meals a week, by the time we have the baby, we could feed ourselves for a little while without a lot of preparation.

But the entire time we were making the lasagna, I was thinking, "What am I thinking? This is so dumb! Why am I making extra food? Look at the cost of all this: extra noodles, ricotta, etc!"

I was definitely NOT nesting and it was hard to try to. McKay thought it was a great idea to make up extra meals now. Oh well.


  1. Don't worry. It'll come. At the most inopportune time.

  2. Anonymous12:56 PM

    Remember you have visiting teachers and Relief Society to bring those meals in.

  3. you'll be glad later that you made the meals...when i had magei in utah, i got 1 meal, and it came about 2 weeks after magei was born. i'm not complaining, i'm just saying it is good you are thinking ahead. now in ohio when i had sam, i got meals every day for almost a month!!

    hang in there!

  4. hey just wanted to let you know that i have sent a couple emails to your babyababy at yahoo dot com account... but it doesn't sound like you're getting them! could you check your spam folder? thanks!

  5. i just sent this email to you:

    Yesterday when you asked if I was in the swap, I just hit reply - and it looks like I've sent you about four or five emails... the odd thing is that you got the one with the banner, but not the ones with my questionnaire!!

  6. Yeah nesting and all that. My husband is much better at it than I am. But I'm learning!! So Heather I think we should look at each other's blogs and stuff esp. since we're going through this whole pregnancy shindig around the same time and all. I'll have to start posting stuff on the subject.


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