Thursday, February 28, 2008

Where have I been?

I kind of took a break.
This is my last week of work, and it kind of felt better to just work and focus on work and ignore most everything else. This means my blogs were ignored, my Reader was ignored (that's why I haven't commented on anyone's blogs lately), forums were ignored, and even (gasp!) my knitting was ignored. To let you know how ignored my knitting was, I'll just say I didn't even take it to the LLL meeting last night, and I probably won't take any to the UCAN meeting tonight.

But I did get some things done. Most of the dishes are clean (notice how I didn't say all), the living room is still somewhat tidy from Sunday when we had guests over, I sent out swap packages, finished my visiting teaching, got visit taught, played Cranium, and went to LLL. I still have a nice To Do list, but tomorrow is my last day at work and I'll just be there in the morning.

Work has been great. I've been training my replacement and she's a quick learner. Plus, she didn't consider my birth plans to be unusual (she also eats organic, is a non-vaxer, and has had 3 midwife births). It was nice to be able to freely chat with someone at work about birth.

Birth musings:

I always thought I'd be getting a lot of negative vibes from people by this point. Admittedly, I did get some last weekend from various people, but that wasn't unusual. The compassionate service leader at church wants me to call her as soon as I'm in labor. I figure that call can wait until after the baby comes. :)
Tonight I'm going to the UCAN meeting to fill up on positive vibes.
Do I feel like I'm getting close to labor? Not really. It still seems so far away. Sometimes being up too long will cause me to have some BH, but it always goes away and is never unbearable.

It'll be really strange next week to not go to work. What will I do with myself? Well, I guess I can catch up on my neglected knitting.

And for those of you who have access to youtube (aka, not you, Jillynn, sorry, though you should totally hear it), I found this song on the unassisted birth humor forum.

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  1. Yeah, that would be my first thought too when I have a baby... okay first call the Compassionate Service Leader (because you won't be in pain at all and she's a very integral part of the process) and then have the baby...natural order of things right?


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