Monday, March 03, 2008

The Alarm Didn't Go Off

Do you see that alarm clock? It's the clock my parents had when they were first married. It still works great (except for the cassette player), but the important part is that the bar is set to "off".

Today is my first day as a SAHM, except for the part that I don't have a child outside my body yet. That's ok with me, though. I get to do everything I need to without any distractions.

Maybe I'll even nest.

I've actually gotten some things done this morning, but I'm being somewhat lazy about it all. I do have all day to do everything. Tomorrow I have a play group and a walking group and SnB in the evening, but today: NOTHING. I wrote up some thank you cards. I'm going shopping this afternoon (for groceries- nothing exciting).

I might even get completely caught up on the dishes or cleaning the bathroom (I did part of it already- I just need to clean the tub now).

Well, I guess I'll go get things done now- I just wanted to share that.


  1. oh lovely! welcome to the ranks of SAHMs!! sounds like you're enjoying your first day...

  2. Anonymous1:06 PM

    The alarm clock does bring back memories for me. Soon the off button will not need to work- baby will wake you up, especially when you don't want to.
    Love, Mom

  3. heather! sorry i couldn't go to your baby shower. I wanted to, but we had an emergency trip to Mexico for my husband's grandma's funeral. Also, sorry I haven't responded to your comment on my blog I've been really spacy and trying to organize a few things before doing too much online interaction. So tell me, are people really bothered by your birth plans? I would think if someone didn't want to do a natural birth they would get the most flack. What are people telling you?


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