Sunday, March 09, 2008

Dem Dry Bones

I've kind of gone no-Internet lately because I've been very busy. I got lots done this week: grocery shopping, sent out packages to my and McKay's grandparents (still need to get the ones to our parents out, though). I went to the dinosaur museum, when to Enrichment walking group twice, went to AP playgroup twice, went to a baby wearing party, went to the temple, somewhat tidied our house, returned baby stuff to stores, lots of window shopping, bought a Boppy, etc.

Meanwhile, I'm still pregnant. That's been an interesting arena, too.

Thursday morning: really bad headache. I figure it's just a dehydration headache so I up my fluid intake and drink some extra Powerade. It doesn't work. After walking group, I start to wonder if it's a lack-of-sleep headache since I've been going to bed late, so I lie down to sleep for a little bit. The baby decides that those 2 hours of nap time are really kick and move around time. They are nice, tough kicks. I toss and turn and do not sleep.

Thursday afternoon: I go to playgroup. I feel more kicks, but they aren't on the right side. This baby's been anterior for MONTHs and suddenly, the kicks aren't indicative of that. McKay and I go to the temple and the whole time, the kicking is on the left instead of right.

Friday morning: I get out the stethoscope to listen to the heartbeat. I can't find it on the left side, where its been ever since we've been listening to it. I do, however, find it on the right and my suspicions are confirmed: my left occiput anterior baby had decided to do a 180 and become a right occiput posterior baby- two days before my guessdate. Wonderful.

Friday afternoon: I watch my posture the whole day trying to re-turn the baby.

Friday night: I pull out the big stops and get on the birth ball and try to turn the baby. I get out my new boppy and sleep with my belly in the donut hole part to turn the baby that night. I think my belly changed shape a little- it seemed lower than usual, but it was always fairly low.

Saturday morning (guessdate morning): kicks are back on the right side! I think I feel the butt on the left! I get out the stethoscope, and behold! The baby is anterior again! Woohoo! I do a little dance, but spend the day careful of my posture. I kind of have the feeling all day, "If I want to go into labor today, I could." But I didn't care that much to force myself into labor, so I didn't.

Saturday afternoon: Jillynn and I go find some organic eggs. I accidentally crack one so we boil some and have some very good hard boiled eggs. Yummy. Did you know that chicken eggs can be green?

Saturday evening: I spent the day with Jillynn and hang out at her house that evening. Lots of kicking. I showed her how much the baby likes to kick- and she was surprised. I guess her daughter was a mellow baby comparatively. I just figured all babies kicked this much, oh well. Baby stops kicking and takes a nap. Over the course of the evening, my pelvis has this strange pressure on it. At one point, I get up to get ice cream, and I start to waddle. I've never waddled! I check out my belly, and sure enough, the baby has been dropping.

Baby's head is now engaged in my pelvis.

Saturday night: Every time I get up to drink or pee, I hear lots of cracking in my hips. I start thinking, "The knee bone's connected to the leg bone; the leg bone's connected to the hip bone, the hip bone's not connected to anything." My ligaments and cartilage down there are nice and supple and getting ready to let a baby through.

I'll probably have this baby this week. Maybe. It is possible to go days/weeks with a dropped baby, so I can't really say.

It's still moving, though.

That's my update. Baby is still inside, but is closer to the outside than it was a week ago.


  1. Whew (on so many levels)! I'm glad you're alive. And I am really glad that Baby seems to have dropped and engaged. When I read about the spinning, I started to get a little nervous for you! Will was, and still is, an excellent spinner... *B

  2. It is so exciting to hear what is happening! Keep posting!


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