Thursday, March 13, 2008

Getting there...

What is THAT?!?!

What? You've never seen a clean kitchen before? The only dishes that are out are drying in the sink. WOW. Well, there is that cup by the sink, but that's it.

I've also made pancakes. I cooked up 9, made 3 servings of 3 pancakes each and froze them for those post-baby days that I want a warm meal, but don't want to really cook. Hello, toaster!

I also went and picked up the birth certificate packet yesterday. I even started filling it out (you know, my name and McKay's name). Pretty exciting. There are extra pages for statistical purposes. I like how on one of the pages, the question is (and I quote):

Please check the correct box pertaining to this child's place of birth:

  • In Hospital
  • Enroute to Hospital
  • Born at home, transported to Hospital

Those are the only 3 options.

Of course, that page isn't required for the birth certificate- it's just statistics. I like how my birth will probably skew their stats (especially the prenatal care stats).

Last night I saw the Business of Being Born. It was a good movie. Of course, it never mentions unassisted, but it's a great intro to the history and current state of birth in hospitals vs. homebirth movie. I would recommend it definitely.

And today is another one of my due dates. How many due dates do I have? Many.
  • March 8- based off my ovulation date (temperature-wise) and the fact that we actually found out that I was pregnant a few days before my missed period and the fact that the previous month I only had a 25 day cycle (unheard of for me- I'm a 27 day, 11 hour clock). I just strangely had a short cycle for a couple of months.
  • March 12- the date I originally calculated off my period, and what I told the insurance people.
  • March 13- my due date based off of what doctors think.
  • March 20- my due date based off the fact it's my first (the 41 weeks + 1 day from LMP)
So I know I'm technically past my due date, but I wouldn't be on anyone's radar yet for being "late" (if I was on the radar).

Baby is head-down, engaged, moving like crazy. I'm trying to hydrate myself like a thirsty camel and am finally getting some nesting done. We might get a tub today. I know McKay wouldn't mind if I went into labor today because it would give him an excuse to not go to class. :)


  1. That thing about the 3 options made me laugh, although it's also kind of sad! We don't fit in the "box" in many ways, do we?

    Sending lots of labor vibes your way. I just heard from two of the women that came to the UC gathering last summer. One had a UC two weeks ago, and the other had one last Friday! They're both thrilled.

    Good luck!

  2. Oooh, ahhh. Very nice. Hang in there! *B


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