Thursday, March 27, 2008

Public Service Announcement

Still pregnant.

I am very aware that I'm "past my due date." I'm also aware of the "higher risks" and such. You don't need to email me or call me. I've researched the subject, McKay and I have discussed it, and we're going to keep UPing. I know some of you have concerns, but this is a decision between McKay and God and me.

Today's scripture: Mark 4:40.

Last night was wonderful, though. McKay and I had a mini-birthing party. We've been practicing relaxation techniques: breathing, listening to good music, keeping out fearful thoughts and doubts, saying affirmations. I took a nice, hot shower and McKay set up our living room for the birth with towels and everything. He also put on hymns so we had nice music to listen to. When I was done with my shower (aka when the water heater was out of hot water), McKay brushed and blow dried my hair. It was nice to just sit there on the birth ball with him brushing my hair. It reminded me of my grandpa who used to brush my hair; he was always very gentle with it. We then put the barrettes I made for International Women's Day in my hair (they're obviously purple and white). McKay thinks I look pretty with the ribbons in my hair and I feel strong and feminine with the purple and white. We then listened to hymns and relaxed. McKay was even kind enough to take down the clocks in the house so I didn't have to think about the time. I had some contractions, as always, nice and steady, but nothing really progressed. This is also when we discussed my "going over" of dates. Then we read some uplifting stories (namely Hathor's birth) and statistics about "going over." Near the bottom of that page I just linked to, there's a list of mothers who went "over." So many were at 43 weeks and I'm still only at 42! This gave me hope.

And then, we eventually went to bed.

Baby still kicks tons. Maybe it's just going to push off the back of my uterus and pop right out!

And Rixa is my hero. I've been reading her blog and almost every post I want to link to here. She's doing her PhD on unassisted birth and had an unassisted pregnancy and birth herself. There are so many things she mentions that I can relate to: her opinions on prenatal care, dealing with people at church, having a 19 year old brother that can't be in family pictures, and tons of other stuff. Ok, well, her brother was 19 a year ago and mine is currently 19, but the reasoning behind lack of family pictures is the same. Really, it's just nice not to be alone in the UCing LDS community. Well, I know I'm not alone. A lady in a playgroup I go to had a UC last Monday, but extra positive reinforcement has been really nice.

Anyway, still having steady contractions- 8 mins apart while writing this up- not quick like yesterday afternoon when they were 3 mins apart, but they are more intense than yesterday's.


  1. Wow, sounds like you are getting close! Good luck tonight if it is the lucky night! :) Thanks for keeping us updated.

  2. ((hugs)) to you and more positive thoughts sent your way :).

    Sounds like a wonderful evening last night, great way to spend your last days together before the babe joins you outside the womb.

  3. How about Gerald Philip?? It's Phil's birthday today and that would be a nice gift to have your baby here safe and sound. Our prayers are with you all!!

  4. that sounds like a lovely night. i'm so glad you're letting the baby come out when (s)he is good and ready... why rush it when your body will know what to do? it sounds like you and mckay are all prepared - i'm so excited to hear your birth story. birthing at home is illegal in illinois, so we'll probably not try it until the law changes, but it's definitely something i would LOVE to be able to do sometime!

  5. Babies do come out. I'm glad you had a lovely evening together, you guys deserve it! You know how late my baby is, and that my birth was very easy. You'll have a good birth too.

  6. Yes, thanks for the updates. Good luck with all! *B

  7. You can name the baby Gerald Jared or Gerald Michael if you have it today since it's your brother's (Jared Michael) birthday today. But then there is already a Gerald Michael in the family.

  8. Yay, another LDS UCer!

    ps--lifeasamama, home birth isn't illegal in IL. CNMs can attend home births, and you can have a UC. It's just that direct-entry midwives aren't legally recognized. Still, the midwifery climate here stinks. It's hard for CNMs to find a doctor willing to collaborate with them (which is a requirement for them to be able to attend home births).

  9. Although I know that most of the people that keep asking are really just friends and family that care, I completely agree that is between you and Mckay and the Lord and I know things will work out in his way. It's great that you guys have so many people that care about you and that you have confidence and trust in yourselves to know what is best for your family. We'll be waiting to hear and thinking of you in the meantime.


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