Sunday, March 16, 2008


So I'm past my guessdate. It's fun to hear the reactions.

Happenings and commets from the past few days:

Two people from church have called to ask if I've had the baby- one said she and another lady had bets going when I'd have the baby. Hers was Friday and other lady's was Saturday. Well I showed them!

I've gotten a couple of emails with people asking about if I've had the baby.

"When are you due?"
"Last Saturday."
"I'm sorry."
??? I love being pregnant. It's not a burden at all. Sure, some things are more difficult, such as tying my shoes, but they're not impossible. And they're just little things like that- why do people make mountains out of mole hills? In fact, I shaved my legs the other day- you CAN do it while 9 months pregnant! And it's not that hard. Pregnancy doesn't turn you into an invalid!

"When are you due?"
"Last Saturday."
"Oh- you went over your due date- that's so rare!"
"Actually 'due dates' are more like averages, and while averages don't necessarily split the population 50/50, with the huge sampling of women that get pregnant, I'd say it's pretty close. About half of all women have babies before their due date and about half have them after. People have to go over their due dates to counter the people who go before."
She looked like she had never heard this before! Obviously, simple statistics. When I told McKay that conversation, he said I should look up the standard deviations and have that information available in the future.

"When are you due?"
"Last Saturday."
"Are they going to induce you?"
(smile) "No." (then a discussion proceeded about how inductions aren't necessary unless there's something wrong- I took no part of this conversation and just listened to it. Frankly, I think that inductions are only very RARELY needed- like if you were 50 weeks or something.)

Ah, induction. While I could try home inductions, I haven't felt the need to. And I don't think it'll work anyway. I've done some of the home induction sorts of things (out of necessity, not out of trying to induce) and I'm pretty sure that if they worked, they'd have worked. Of course I wasn't really trying that hard. For example, I pretty much stayed on my feet for 3 hours straight Friday night, but I had gone shopping and then went to a basketball game. Also, I had chips and salsa for lunch one day, but that was because I didn't feel like cooking- not because I was trying to down spicy food to induce. I did dance around the apartment like a loon at various times, but that was because a good song was on.

I'm also doing things that prevent contractions. When I notice a contraction, I immediately think, "Am I not getting enough water? Do I need to pee?" Both dehydration and a full bladder can cause contractions, but I've decided that those aren't good induction methods, so I try to remedy those quickly. :)

And no matter what your mother says, eventually a watched pot DOES boil.

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  1. Well I'm glad you've taken such a light-hearted approach to it. My sister would get frustrated everytime she was asked those kind of questions. Here's hoping that I can be laid back about it when I get to that point too!


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