Monday, March 24, 2008

A weekend

So what did we do this weekend?

Well, on Friday we went out. I walked around the mall a little, had some contractions. Had no baby.

On Saturday we went out to another mall and walked around that one a bit. McKay bought some new jeans since his were getting holes in them. We also watched War of the Worlds, which got me upset since the characters have NO sense of logic. I was pretty much frustrated with the movie the whole time. We had chicken for dinner and it was yummy. Carolyn came over and brought us cupcakes, also yummy. Then we went for a walk, I was struggling to stand up straight for the last couple of blocks, but no baby.

Sunday. I was pretty much set on an Easter baby. Notice the use of past tense in that previous sentence. I wasn't planning on going to church, but we got a call and had to meet a member of the bishopric before church. That was my "releasing from primary" meeting. I am no longer Primary pianist! I am calling-less. I liked the calling, but it was definitely time for me to move on. They sustained the new pianist and I was excited because I was SO TIRED and I wanted to go home after sacrament. However, the new pianist wasn't ready to start right away, so I stayed and did my calling for the last time.

I attempted a futile nap and then we went to Jillynn's, which was fun. We had a vegetarian Easter dinner and strawberry shortcakes. I used a shortcake recipe that I got last year from the My Favorite Things Swap. Very yummy. We stayed and watched a movie- I forget what it was called. I believe something on the lines of Mystery Science Theater.

As soon as we got home at 8:30-ish, I was pooped and went to bed pretty much right away (about 9).

And now it is Monday morning. Still no baby, but I'm still technically 41 weeks, so I'm not overdue yet. I hit 42 weeks this Wednesday.

I have had some nice encouragement. I was reminded Friday that babies that are born later have a much better chance at breathing better. Plus, the pounds that it has packed on the past few weeks are fat pounds. So though I'm past my due date, the extra poundage is just cushy, cute baby fat (which'll also help the first few days before my milk comes in). We'll have a cute, healthy baby.

Also, from the birth stories I read, late babies tend to have shorter labors since by the time you go into labor, your cervix has been opening and ripening for a few weeks. You start ahead of the game with a few centimeters of dilation already done.

I AM getting tired of the "when will the baby come" thing. I didn't go to Enrichment Thursday night because I didn't feel like answering that question- and for those of you who know how much I love Enrichment, that is pretty surprising.

Well, I have things to do this morning. Maybe I'll have a baby today. Maybe not.


  1. Thanks for the update! I wouldn't have gone to enrichment either :)

  2. yay, thanks for letting us stay well-informed! i'm so excited!

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  4. i hate to be the person that asks "are you still pregnant," but i'm totally asking it... you posted to Baby A Baby on Tuesday night, but haven't seen anything from you since. hope you're just snuggling a little baby and you're too busy for the internet!


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