Friday, April 25, 2008


So McKay has graduated! We'll have pictures on our blog later. I'm so proud of him. He starts an internship Monday and will go to grad school in the fall!

We've had my parents-in-law here for graduation and that's been fun (and very busy). This is the busiest I've been since Margaret showed up.

They've seen Margaret at her worst and best. Actually, they've only really seen her asleep. Sure, she's been awake a little bit, but it's so rare. She's either asleep or eating. She'll wake up to eat and then fall to sleep nursing.

And other exciting news: my sister gave us a couple of little outfits. The one Margaret's in today is blue with fish on it. I don't think I've ever seen (non-swimming-related) baby clothes with fish on them! It's so cute! Fishes!

Plus, Margaret will be 4 weeks tomorrow! Yay for her!


  1. Congrats to Mr. M!!! Tell the rest of the fam hi for me. And have fun! *B

  2. Wait a darn second! I thought I said congratulations on this thing, already! Well poo. And congrats Mr. M! *B


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