Monday, April 07, 2008

I'm back

So Friday night our internet went down- pretty ideal since General Conference was the next two days. So we listened to Conference on the AM radio. AM radio gets great reception; we should use it more often.

I've been knitting and keeping the house in fairly decent shape. I've been trying to rest- I definitely know the difference between a restful day and one where I've overdone it. Today is an overdone it day. Don't go driving post partum. It's too much of a pain to get a baby in a carseat with a two door car and then have to climb up to drive. I think I've set myself back a few days of healing...

Nursing is going well. I can't believe how much milk I can produce. I'm like this mother goddess gushing out milk. Poor Margaret can't handle it all. Well, I can't either. Is it even possible to NOT wake up in a puddle of milk in the morning while breastfeeding? Is that something that's going to happen every morning for the next few years? It's really tempting to never wear clothes again because they get so soaked.

Well, I have to tidy the house before dinner comes by. It's so nice to not have to cook. We're out of ward dinners, but we do have a few frozen ones I prepared a month ago.

FHE tonight is laundry. McKay convinced me that carrying a week's worth of laundry on my back to the laundromat was a bad idea and so we're doing it together tonight. Aww...

In the baby realm, Margaret is no longer jaundiced and is very cute. We have a really crappy camera, so we don't get very good pictures. She's way cute today- I put pants on her for the first time. They're a little big, but it was snowing out this morning and I needed to run a quick errand, so I had to actually dress her.


  1. Anonymous3:57 PM

    Have you tried a breast pump for the extra-milk problem? How long are you planning on nursing Margaret for?

  2. I have been using a little hand pump for engorgement. And I'll nurse Margaret for as long as she likes. I hope it's a long time.

  3. Anonymous4:05 PM

    Aww I hope so too since you enjoy it, what a great bonding experience :) She's such a doll!

  4. It'll get better. Eventually. I never wore anything besides pajamas and big, baggy, boy t-shirts. Besides, I hate the look of those nursing pads underneath a shirt. You can't hide those things... if you think about it too much, there are a lot of "cons" to nursing. But somehow, I was able to look past all that and I still have very fond memories (even the not-so-fun ones). So enjoy the time you have with her and remember the silly stories, too. I miss it.

    And more pictures are always appreciated! I don't care how crappy your camera is, I can't get enough of that baby (in case you can't tell, I'm totally baby hungry right now. Hopefully we can do something about that...)! Also, I told Mr. M that you can call me ANYTIME you feel like it. If you need a girl-slash-mother to vent/sob to, I'm your gal. I'm also the gal if you want to rave about the cute lip/mouth-shapes the little Miss makes ;)

    It's good to hear the updates, so keep 'em coming! And take care of yourself. Don't climb over (or under, for that matter) or carry anything (besides baby). That's what husbands are for! *B

  5. Be careful not to pump too much for engorgement -- you'll encourage your breasts to make even more milk!

    If you search for overactive let-down (say on the LLL site or maybe kellymom) you might find some useful advice to deal with the gushing.

    I woke up in a wet nightie for the first 3 months. Every single night. Now at 4 months, I never leak. So there may be dryness on your horizon too!

  6. Ah, yes, I remember the days of waking up totally soaked! It will calm down once your body adjusts.

    I soon learned to sleep with a towel under me. The major night leaking was just when my milk was new, but there would be a puddle whenever she nursed at night for several months, so I used a hand or bath towel to keep the sheets and mattress dry.

  7. hey - consider it a blessing! my body has always just made the bare minimum of milk, i wish i made that much! plus, it'll help your body snap back to its prepregnancy shape a LOT faster, since you are taking the water you're drinking and turning it into a highly fatty substance. those fat cells have to come from someplace! that's probably not a super-accurate chemical statement, but it's true from observation. the more milk you make, the faster you regain your shape.

    i'm on the rotten side of that deal!

  8. I had to use dis towels in my clothes for the first few months. Supply and demand DOES even out after a while.

    Deirdre doesn't like the flood of milk from a full breast, either, so I latch my toddler on for a minute first.

    It's actually smart to keep a fresh bit of milk in the fridge for owies, ear aches, congested noses and dry skin patches. I put a little milk on a cotton ball to wash Deirdre's face at night. It is a very effective antimicrobial, so as you pump some, put some in a small tupperware bowl and replace it every couple of days!

  9. Anonymous7:27 PM

    I didn't have much common sense with my first baby and I leaked for at least the first 18 months of his life. I always slept in a bra, with nursing pads, and they slipped around and would get soaked and I'd end up with wet sheets. During the day, I'd just change the pads all day, and I eventually got to the point where I could just wear one on the side I wasn't nursing from, just while he was nursing. I definitely felt like a dairy cow, but it's the healthiest thing for him so he nursed until he weaned at 2 1/2 years.

    With my second baby (now 17 months and still nursing), I wasn't nearly as much of a leaker, I knew how to block feed, and I discovered burpcloths by accident. He was reflux-y and I would put a few in the bed for easy access in case he started to urp and found that they worked just as well for undigested milk and stayed in place better. So you might want to try sleeping with one or two under you and see if that at least keeps your sheets fresher.

    I absolutely adore your birth husband was very nervous about not having a doctor present so I had to talk him into a birth center and then, late in my first pregnancy, further talked him into a homebirth. So we had a midwife, a birth assistant, and a doula present and it went so well, he now advocates it to everyone and was very excited to call the pediatrician (required by state law) to let him know that I was in labor with our second. And the pediatrician did a home visit so we did not have to put our newborn in the car for weeks. How great is that?!

  10. Hi tophat,
    I found your blog through the homebirth group on Ravelry. Wonderful birth story! My second baby was born at home, in water. Amazing experience.

    I hope you don't mind my tossing in my two cents but I agree with lynette's comment about reading up on overactive letdown/oversupply. A good friend of mine had very similar experiences to yours in terms of leaking, gushing, baby choking on too much milk flow, etc. "Feeding uphill," staying on one side for a few feedings in a row, and allowing the first letdown to flow into a towel instead of into the baby's mouth are things she found very helpful.

    Blessings and best wishes to you and your family!!


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