Sunday, April 20, 2008


Yesterday, Margaret got a very official-looking envelope in the mail.

Social Security card!

So now not only does the state know about Margaret (birth certificate), but so does the federal government.

Birth certificate highlights:

  • Place of birth: (our address)
  • Birth attendant: McKay Farley: other
Ok, well, technically McKay just caught Margaret and passed her off to me within seconds. Utah code for unattended births uses this hierarchy for registering the birth certificate: father, mother, owner of property birth took place (aka landlord). Because of that, McKay is listed as the attendant. Actually, my favorite part is the word "other." Yes, I would probably categorize McKay as "other," too. :)

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  1. Hey! I enjoy reading your blog. I'm LDS and planning a UC (with midwife back-up). Could I ask you more about your experience? It would be great if you could email me :)
    annalisejones at gmail dot com


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