Tuesday, April 29, 2008

One Month

Today is Margaret's one month anniversary of her birth, so we're having a mommy-baby day. This means I won't be online today once I spend 5 more minutes checking my email.

But so far, it's been great- I even made her breakfast in bed. And today, we're going to playgroup at the park, so we'll see our friends.

We do really need a day for ourselves- we're recovering from last week. It was a busy week with her grandparents coming out and her dad graduating. It'll be good to slow down. I got a little stressed by the weekend from other various things going on, and unfortunately I didn't give her the attention she got in previous weeks. Plus I kind of got a tickle in my throat and I wonder if she's caught it because she doesn't really want to nurse much or sleep much- even when she is giving me hungry and sleepy signals. (But don't worry- shes got enough dirty diapers that I know she's hydrated.)

So a day to ourselves is exactly what we need. We'll be back tomorrow.


  1. Enjoy your time together. It sure does go by fast... *B


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