Wednesday, April 02, 2008

One of my favorite parts

I don't know why I forgot this part of the birth story. I find it hilarious.

About 6:59 Saturday night, a knock was at the door. I think J answered it.

It was one of my visiting teachers (K) with strawberries wondering how everyone was doing.

This really amused me. When they (our visiting teachers) had learned our birthing plans a couple of months ago, K was definitely uneasy with it.

And here she was outside our apartment 15 minutes after I had given birth.

At some point I shouted towards the door, "I had the baby 15 minutes ago- I'm still naked!" almost as if I was going to put on clothes. I wasn't, but we could have made me presentable enough with some blankets if she wanted to come in.

I guess she just wasn't prepared to walk into my birthing environment since she just left us with the strawberries and well wishes. The strawberries were huge, though and I ate them right away.

K thought I had the baby the day before, I guess. She had called our phone on Friday, but I was in labor and figured I'd call her back after I had the baby. She may have figured I was birthing Friday.

I really wish I could have seen her face when I told her the baby was 15 minutes old. I wish I could see ANYONE'S face when they hear news like that. It's too bad I was on the couch and not answering the door.

It makes me giggle.


  1. Ok, so that IS pretty funny. [giggling ensues] *B

  2. oh, thanks, i had a rotten day today, but you just totally made me laugh out loud. that poor lady! imagine, though, how excited i would have been to hold a 15 minute old baby!

    hey - do you have a ring sling? i know you have a wrap... but i was going to send you a ring sling if you don't have one. i love mine!

  3. my favorite neighbor walked over with a huge pan of vegetarian lasagna that she'd just made for us, a couple of hours after the birth. i was sitting on the floor with our baby and partially naked, my husband said she could come in, but she said she knows this is mommy-daddy-baby time and didn't want to intrude. :) anyhoo, it was funny. :) (i found you from ravelry by the way, and CONGRATS!!!!!) :D :D


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