Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I've had a little over 2 weeks to think about and analyze my birth, so here's some of my analysis.

Things I'll do differently during my next pregnancy:

  • I'll do yoga, for two reasons. First, I had a hard time moving around the first few days postpartum due to the fact that I pulled a few ligaments/tendons/muscles in labor. I'm not a very flexible person. Yoga could probably help me stay flexible. Second, yoga helps you focus on your breathing- something I think will be beneficial for next time. There was a point on the 28th when I had a lot of control over the contractions due to a lot of breathing concentration. I don't have the patience to concentrate on breathing for long periods of time, though, so it didn't last long. Yoga might help me with that.
  • RRL tea. I'll drink more of it. To be honest, it's gross. Well, I tried to sweeten it with some organic maple syrup but what it really needed was lemon juice. Next pregnancy, I'm going to figure out how to make RRL taste good.
  • Kegels. I'll do more of them.
  • Possibly perineal massage. I didn't bother with it this pregnancy because I figured my body can figure it out on its own- a really bad tear would be unlikely because I wasn't going to get an episiotomy and I wouldn't be lying down, so I didn't bother. I did tear a bit, and I know scar tissue is less stretchy- maybe I'll do some perineal massage just for the scar tissue for next time. Maybe.
  • Learn patience. Maybe you can tell, but I don't have a lot of patience (hence my lack of perineal massage and relaxation techniques this pregnancy). Well, I guess I have some patience- I did have a 44 hour labor after being 42/43 weeks and didn't go to the hospital because of worry of it being so long. You've got to be somewhat patient for that, I guess.

Things I'll do differently next time I'm in labor:
  • Push less- or at least wait for a contraction to push. At the end of Margaret's birth, I was just pushing whenever I felt like it instead of waiting for my body to have a contraction. Although, it may have been better for her to have been pushed out quickly. We'll never know.
  • Drink more. I did drink a lot, but labor is sweaty. I don't think I was drinking enough to make up for the sweaty factor.
Things I'll do again next labor:
  • Birth pool. It really was the best thing ever. By the end of my labor, being outside the water was just too miserable.
  • Try different positions. I'm actually pretty proud of how many positions I tried and that I kept moving most of my labor.
Of course, all labors are different so we'll see what works for next time when next time happens.


  1. Those are good ideas. May I suggest RRL in pill form, though. Much easier. Also, if you go past your "due date" and want to get things moving, I hear castor oil and black cohosh works wonders... it personally scares me, but you know, whatever works and whatever you're comfortable with :)

    So, you ready for #2 yet? *B

  2. I mixed my RRL with apple juice. Very tasty!

  3. I got to like the taste of RRL, but before that I'd put in one RRL tea bag and one raspberry flavoured herbal tea bag together and it really sweetened it up.

    I used hypnobabies for relaxation during labor and it was awesome. Both the program and the email list are very supportive of homebirth/unassisted birth too.


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