Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Unexpected Success

So today I decided that I wanted to start ECing. I've been keeping track of when Margaret poops and her signals. They're actually pretty clear, especially in the morning. She'll get very squirmy and stop nursing when she needs to poo. Of course, I have no clue what sort of signals she gives for peeing because, well, it's a quieter, less explosive form of elimination.

After my shower today, I found Margaret squirming. A lot. And I knew it was about that time for a poo (she has times during the day that she is more likely to poo). I take her out of her diaper, bring her to the toilet and learn something: it's really hard to hold a newborn over a toilet- especially a squirmy one who's trying to get comfortable enough to poo. It'll probably get easier as she learns to sit up on her own, but that's not going to be for a while.

So there I am, struggling with Margaret. I can tell she's not comfortable in the hold I've got her in and so she's not going to relax enough to poo. I'm about to give up when she pees! Woohoo! I caught a pee on my first try (I remembered to make the "ssssss" sound too)! I didn't think I'd ever catch a pee. I figured I'd be good if I caught most of her poos.

It may have just been beginner's luck.

Other things in the diaper arena: I lanolized the newborn soaker I knit! Now it just needs to dry and it's all ready for diapering.


  1. My newborn always got really fussy before she peed. Less fussy/squirmy for poos, but her poos were pretty much every time after she ate, so it was easy to catch them!

  2. Anonymous1:24 PM

    You are psycho!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have diapers for a reason, this is not 1842 it's 2008, so use them. Newborns are not suppose to be going to the bathroom on the toilet.

  3. Oh, did they practice ECing in the mid-19th century? If you have your sources, let me know where to find them and I'd like to read up on that. ;)


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