Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ups, Downs, and All Arounds

Yesterday was quite an event in parenting.

We'll start with the Downs:

Margaret has 4 main noises: happy noises, uncomfortable-trying-to-go-potty noises, hungry yelps (that's the only way I can describe them), and screaming in pain noises. Yesterday we added a new item to the "what causes screaming in pain" list.

  • Getting fingers clipped instead of fingernails
  • Getting our legs pinched by the carseat buckle
  • (new item!) Getting our head bumped on the bathroom floor
We were playing the ECing game and I tried to set her down to re-diaper her on the mat. She flung her head back quickly and hit it on the bathroom floor instead of the mat. Ouch. Pain. Screaming. So we stopped the ECing game for the moment to play the comfort Margaret game. I felt awful for her, though. I should have had a better handle on her poor head.

Besides the fact that she's adorable, we're learning how to solve our parenting issues. Yesterday we solved another. Margaret has this fear of the dark or something. I know newborns have poor eyesight and it's probably even worse in the dark. It makes nighttime interesting. I'll feed her to sleep, lay her on the bed next to me, I'll turn off the light, and she'll wake up, notice it's dark and panic. Her breathing goes through the roof. A couple of nights ago, I learned that letting her sleep in my belly helps, but only so much. We've been leaving the light on, but the light by the bed is the hottest lamp in the house and I don't feel comfortable going to sleep with it on.

Our solution: night lights! I got the best sleep last night! She wasn't panicky because she could still kind of see me and I was able to get her to latch on lying down, which is difficult when I can't get my breast to her mouth because I can't see. The night light fixed both the latching on in the dark problem and her fear of the dark! It was wonderful. I must have gotten like 8-9 hours of sleep.

All Arounds:
We went out last night for errands! I was so happy to get out of the house! Woohoo!

Target: We had some gift card money and we were going to spend it on a jogging stroller, except Target didn't have any. So we spent $70 on clothes for the future (we pretty much only have 0-3 month clothes and nothing after that), lanolin for soakers, the night light, and a movie.

Burger King: We had to eat. Great nursing in public action.

Babies R Us: We had $7 of store credit from returns, so we thought we'd buy some hair bows so she looks like a girl occasionally. They didn't have a very good selection, so we bought a nice church dress for the future when I feel like going back to church (aka when I can sit on hard wooden pews comfortably). More nursing in public action here- she had like the grip of death on my breast, which was great because we left the sling in the car because it was going to be a quick trip.

Best Buy: Hey, let's spend our tax refund on a new camera! Well, we spent some of it on a new camera. Ours old one doesn't take good pictures, as you all know, and we have a little girl who needs nice pictures of her, so we bought a camera. More nursing in public. I really needed to sit down by this point and she really needed a diaper change and I just wanted to get home. I was very impatient with the wait for the sales person.

Being home was the best thing ever after that. We watched our new movie and adored our little baby, who was now changed and feeding nicely on the couch.


  1. Yep, I am also in the clip-the-fingers club! The night light is a brilliant idea. I don't know why I never thought of that...would have saved me a lot of trouble getting up out of bed to turn the lamp on so I could see to latch her on.

  2. I once cut Will's finger in the car (I was working on his nails), while he was still a wee thing. And ever since then, it's Brad's job. *B

  3. Anonymous12:39 PM

    how do you go about nursing in public (do you have a cover or do you just whip it out of your shirt?)?

  4. I was excited to finally have a girl and do bows and I found that they are pretty easy to make. I wasn't into the lacy headband thing so much so I just used those tiny rubberbands and tied a ribbon to it but then when she had a little more hair I bought a few on ebay and then copied those to make the rest.

  5. Heather, I'm Jennie's sister. I just saw your soaker that you knitted on your other blog. I am really impressed. I would love to learn how to make them, I don't know if you would be interested in teaching, but I could maybe trade for some sewing, even some cute baby clothes that are larger than 0-3 months.

  6. exciting you got a new camera! great investment. can't wait to see lots more pics.


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