Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Working Wednesday

On Monday, I made up 4 ToDo lists. They were titled Basic Goals, Goals, Lofty Goals, Uber Lofty Goals.

Basic Goals involved eating breakfast, getting dressed- those kinds of things
Uber Lofty Goals involved doing all the dishes and rearranging the pictures in the house.

I've been able to finish the basic goals every day- which can be difficult with a little baby around. I've even finished some goals and lofty goals.

Today I'm going to try to finish up the lists. My in-laws are going to show up sometime tomorrow for McKay's graduation. It'll be fun to see them and I'm excited to go to graduation. Elder Bednar's going to speak at commencement- and it'll be the first time I've worn non-maternity church clothes in months!

So that's where I'll be. Working and wrapping up my goals before people come in town.


  1. Congrats on the graduation! A new baby and graduation too, what a year!

  2. I have a similar list, but it goes "must do" "Should do" "maybe do" and "someday" I usually don't even quite finish the must do and my baby is going on 4 months now! It does get easier at some point! Oh and congrats on Mckay, I'm recorded the commencement speech to watch sometime.


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