Monday, May 12, 2008


Yesterday was Mother's Day- it was my first on the receiving end. I thought I'd share some of the fun ways I've changed/benefited from being a mother.

My spit has cleaning properties now. When Margaret's face needs cleaning, I can just add a little mom spit and wipe it away.

I can talk to myself and it's not considered weird because I have a baby. For example, last week at the grocery store, I asked Margaret aloud, "What do you want for dinner? Chicken? Vegetables?" Of course Margaret isn't getting any of that for dinner, but I can ask it! Had I not had a baby attached to me, the scene would have looked more strange.

I can hide my inability to keep still by having a baby in my lap.

However, I seem to be missing out on an important mom quality: I still only have two eyes. Is there a special mom-shop where you can get the extra two that are supposed to grow in on the back of your head? Mine haven't come in yet.

I do love being a mom. I'm so glad little Margaret is with us. She is a lot of fun and work, but mostly fun.


  1. the eyesgrow as your baby does. right now she's not doing anything that needs to be checked, jsut wait until she's mobile. you will find you had those eyes all along!

  2. I think the extra eyes only pop up occasionally when needed, but my kids can attest to the fact that they are there sometimes!

  3. I agree, I think that being able to talk to yourself in public is one of the biggest bonuses of having a baby with you. I've also found that it is a sneaky way to state your own opinion into a conversation, like, "ooh, baby doesn't really like this show does he, maybe we should change it..." you get the idea :)

  4. I think the eyes grow in as the child gets mobile. Once she's getting into the catfood everytime you turn your back they'll come in. Also, children don't know that sound travels. So you can amaze them by knowing they're doing something (like, say playing the xyelephone when they should be sleeping) in their room even though you can't see them.

  5. cute. i loved this. and if you find that "eye" shop you spoke of, let me know. i need an extra pair or two (arms as well.)

    and i can't believe anyone ever told you not to sing so loudly... that's just crazy.


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