Monday, May 05, 2008

How to go to church

  1. Try to convince your husband that you've healed from the labor and that it's been long enough to take a baby to a place where everyone will want to touch her. Sure, we took her to graduation, but only family held her. Church is different- everyone wants to see and touch babies.
  2. When he refuses, take drastic measures: just put on your church clothes and go whether he likes it or not. :)

Ok. After the fact, it may have been a little soon, but I was going crazy sitting at home while McKay went to church. Margaret was great during sacrament- slept the whole time. Sunday School was good, too, since I had McKay to hold her (he can calm her so quickly!) But Relief Society was a little more difficult. She wanted to nurse, but also, she didn't want to. It was really warm in there and heat bothers her. She sucked on my pinky a lot of the time and I tried to blow cool air on her- and it's amazing how difficult it is to sign the attendance roll with a baby in your arms!


  1. c'mon McKay! It's been a month!! way to rebel and go anyway. :)

  2. Those pews will NEVER be comfortable again. Just so you know. *B

  3. I always go back to church as soon as I can, I get too stir crazy at home.

  4. I found that using a sling keeps people from trying to touch/hold the baby, while still letting people admire!

  5. Rixa, I definitely had her in the wrap- she slept in it all the way through sacrament, but still they all want to come up and see her face. During Sunday School and RS I had her in my lap for feeding- I can't figure out how to do that with the wrap and she can't sit up on her own yet, so she's really floppy in my sling. Once she can sit up, we'll be doing the sling a lot more.


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