Thursday, May 22, 2008

Like granola

I've been feeling slightly crunchy lately, so I think I'll be doing a little blogging about that. Look forward to some installments of crunchy including my decision to UP/UC and why I love attachment parenting from this not-quite-granola-more-like-cornflakes crunchy momma.


  1. I'm excited to hear about your decision to UC. I finally convinced my DH to do it...with the condition that if anything went wrong, we would go to the hospital. (Which, I was like "duh, of course I will go to the hospital if something goes wrong"...but it'd have to be something that I felt that we couldn't handle) Yay :)

  2. "more like cornflakes crunchy"

    i'm waith you in that category, but we have to come up eith a bettter name! i prefer "soggy granola" it's got the same idea, just not as hard about it! :)


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