Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My first camping trip

I had never gone camping except for girl's camp when I was in Young Women's, and we all know that doesn't count. They had platform cabin-y tent things and latrines (and flushing toilets and showers if you walked far enough).

After finding a tent and scrounging up all our blankets, we went camping with some friends on Sunday night. This was my first real tent camping with real bushes to pee behind!

The canyon was very beautiful. It got dark quickly so we had to figure out how to put the tents up.

It was also a little windy- little did we know that was a foreshadowing of the evening to come.

So we set up our tents and McKay and I put out our blankets on the floor of our tent- our friends had an air mattress. We all played some Pit and other games and munched on trail mix until we decided to go to sleep. We made our tent as comfortable as possible and I gave Margaret the place that was the most cushioned.

Then it started to drizzle and that woke me up a little, but it wasn't that bad. I went back to sleep.

Then the wind picked up. And I was so glad that we had pitched our tent solidly. And I went back to sleep.

Then it started pouring. At this point it was a little chilly and McKay was hogging the blankets. Margaret and I were getting a little cold. So I rearrange myself and let Margaret sleep on my chest to keep her warm. But being on my back was very uncomfortable, so I give Margaret to McKay and she sleeps on his chest.

I can't get back to sleep, so my mind does some wandering. Around 5:30 our friends call out to us from their tent and ask if we want to make a run for it to the car (the rain was not letting up). We get ourselves ready and end our first camping trip.

Things I wondered during the night. Did it rain in the Garden of Eden? (McKay said no.) Do you think God made it rain the first night out? It's not like they would have had time to build a house in a day. That would have been really crappy- first night out of Eden and you're sleeping through a rainstorm. I also thought about how grateful I was that we co-sleep. Margaret took our sleeping conditions well. It's not as comfy as our bed, but she was right there with us and we could protect her from any stray woolly mammoths.


  1. 1. I decided to go camping today! I don't want to GO today, but I decided that I wanted to go soon today. If that makes sense. So how perfect to read this post. It may be a sign.

    2. Maybe wherever you went to girls camp didn't count, but in southern Missouri, we ROUGH it. So ... maybe you had a less-than-satisfactory girls camp experience, but mine was absolutely authentic. ;)

  2. I decided today that I want to go camping soon! I think reading your blog is a confirming sign. :)

    Also, you say we all know that girls' camp doesn't count as real camping ... I say that's a gross generalization. We roughed it in the Springfield Missouri South stake, and I am here to say that peeing in bushes, sleeping in 6 inches of water every night and not showering for a week is DEFINITELY "real" camping. Not to get defensive ... just to say that some girls' camps know how to do it just like boyscouts. :) (Let's play soon, eh?)

  3. Oh. So I'm writing multiple comments because I couldn't figure out why they weren't posting. You have to approve them. Haha. Sorry about that. :)

  4. sounds pretty much like every camping trip we go on. we still haven't learned our lesson and continue to torture ourselves.


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