Monday, May 05, 2008

Saturday is a special day...

It's the day you get locked out of your car.

Garage sale-ing. Wymount had a garage sale, so I went up there and sold some stuff with a friend. I made $7. Not the best, but I did get rid of stuff. The rest will be either freecycled or DIed.

Then I come home. I see McKay running out of the house and towards a truck. I park and start unbuckling Margaret. McKay comes back and hands me the phone- he's going to help his brother out- and he runs off again. I get out of the car and approach the door. I search my pockets for my keys. Great. I don't have them. I go back to the car and sure enough, there they are on Margaret's blanket.

My reflection in the window of the car- see the keys inside?

What to do? I go and change Margaret's diaper (good thing I grabbed my tote bag!) on a grassy area outside. I call McKay to see how long he'll be gone- 2 hours. I can handle 2 hours out of the house.

She's hungry, so I find a place to sit- the grass was too wet/muddy. I feed her and she has another diaper explosion (but luckily it didn't make it onto her clothes). I change her on the grass again. I realize I need to use the restroom and I'm hungry as it's noon. Taking a little inventory of the neighborhood, I decide: grocery store.

Grocery store. It's only a block and a half away, so I walk there. I learn how useful the wrap is: I can use the restroom without worries. I obviously wasn't going to find a random stranger and ask, "Hey- do you mind watching my newborn while I use the restroom?" And had I owned one of those bucket carriers, it wouldn't have been able to fit in the stall with me (the wheelchair accessible stall was taken by someone on their phone- eww- I hope they washed their phone. But with the wrap, I can do everything and wash my hands without touching my babe. It was great.
I stop by the deli and buy a sandwich and drink. Next stop: a place to eat.

Lunch time. There's a park near our house, so I head that way to find a table to eat at. On the way, though, I see a couple in our ward carrying shopping bags- they just got off the bus and are headed home. They were once in my singles ward so we go way back. I chat with them and they invite me to eat my sandwich at their place. Plus, they have cookies.

The end. I chat with them- she's doing her master's thesis on health insurance and how it affects fertility, so she's one of those people who likes to discuss gender issues. We have a great time discussing gender and cultural influences on it- it was a lot of fun. McKay calls me and comes to pick me up; it's been two hours. And it was so much fun. Sure, I would have been way more productive had I not left the keys in the car, but I would have missed out on a little adventure.

Which reminds me, I was going to borrow some books from Sister M and I left them at their house. Mental note: find time to borrow their books!


  1. Sounds like a serene experience, actually

  2. Sounds nice...sometimes the unplanned moments turn out to be the nicest!


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