Sunday, May 18, 2008

Tipping the scales

I just read a birth announcement that I am so incredibly amazed at. The mother UCed and at 44 weeks and 2 days had a little baby boy- a little 13 lb. baby boy. There were some odd ounces added to that weight.

And I had a measly 8 and a half pounder. (not that I consider Margaret measly- she's amazing)

I love our bodies and the amazing things they can do. We can give birth- and it's unlikely that our bodies will house babies that we can't give birth to because of size. I don't even know her personally, but I'm proud of her. Hooray for birth!

And here're some articles or videos about CPD that this reminded me of. The woman I mentioned was never diagnosed with CPD (to my knowledge) but I'm guessing that size of baby would have caused concern had she been receiving OB/GYN or even midwifery care. It makes me wonder what amazing birth experiences we're missing out on when we are too afraid to trust ourselves.


  1. Yeah! She's in one of the online birth groups I'm on as well! 13 lbs 2 oz with NO TEARS. How awesome is that? I'm so inspired.

  2. This is so funny to me: My aunt on the day I was 41 weeks, "Why haven't they induced you yet?! You know, small pelvis' run in our family!" I wanted to laugh in her face, but I didn't, and that is probably a good thing.

    I can tell you that it didn't even cross my mind while I was in labor that my baby wouldn't be able to fit. I knew my body was perfectly capable of delivering her into the world. Good for the woman with the 13 lb baby!


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