Monday, June 16, 2008

Doing new things

The pictures from the vacation are here.

We had quite the time. Vacations are great places to do new things you've never done before. Here's a list of some of the new things I did:

  • Got a flat tire.
  • Took Margaret swimming.
  • Mini-golfed while wearing Margaret (which is not easy).
  • Took Margaret to a water park.
  • Breastfed while floating in a lazy river.
  • Watched the Food Network
  • Seen two lizards at the temple.
  • Thrown up on the temple grounds (in some bushes). I think it was from food poisoning at the water park.
  • Breastfed in the temple, took a nap with Margaret in the temple.
  • Learned that Margaret can do crunchers.
However sick I was at the temple, it was a lot of fun. I hadn't been feeling well since the waterpark (I had thrown up in the middle of the night before), but I did make it through the whole car trip to the temple without getting sick. As soon as I stepped out of the car, I felt nauseous again. McKay and his mom went inside and they kept calling me to come inside, but I knew I wouldn't make it to the door. I sat down, waved them away, and turned and puked. In the flowers. Right before, I said a little prayer, knowing the inevitable and quickly asking for any forgiveness that being nauseous at the temple might require.

I went in and told McKay what happened and went back outside still feeling very sick. McKay was doing baptisms. I called a friend and during that conversation, I walked around the temple, saw a couple of lizards and a butterfly and more bumblebees than you can imagine. I sat down and got off the phone and started seriously considering going inside to wait- except that I was wearing jeans and tennis shoes- not quite temple attire.

A man who was coming to attend the temple saw me waiting outside with Margaret (she was asleep in the wrap). He told me that I should come inside where it was air conditioned. He was so kind I couldn't refuse, so we went inside. Once we were inside, he asked me Margaret's name and then said, "Welcome, Margaret, to your Father's house." I was getting quite teary-eyed from his kindness and from being so nauseous. I went and sat in the waiting room and watched temple workers come and go. Margaret stirred because she was hungry, so I fed her and she went back to sleep. I decided I needed sleep, so I lied down to sleep with Margaret. At one point (when I was awake again, but still lying on the couch) another temple worker asked me if I was tending the baby or if she was tending me. To be honest, I don't know.

I also got to talk to another worker whose daughter had a baby the day before Margaret was born, and that was fun. Even though Margaret's too small for me to leave her for a couple of hours to attend a temple session and I was as sick as a dying camel, I was able to enjoy going to the temple.

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