Thursday, June 26, 2008

People I Admire

Today I've felt very grateful for the people who have been placed in my life. I've decided I want to mention some of them (and not in any particular order nor do I comment on everyone who I admire).

McKay Sure, this seems obvious, but I am extremely grateful. He has perfect trust in me and supports me 100%. He's taught me that being a friend is unlimited, unhindered encouragement and has given me that encouragement- something I never had until we were married.

Margaret Another obvious one. I've learned from being her mother that my plans can wait and that I am needed. I've learned to slow down a bit.

Sea_Gal and her family: She was the "J" in my birth story. I love that we can be such good friends, and she keeps me in line. Plus Mr. Sea_Gal and McKay get along great and their little girl (Sea_Child?) is so adorable. It's because of them that I want to learn to be a good disciplinarian and respect my children as people instead of demanding it just because I'm an adult and "because I said so."

Ok. That's not her name, but that's her Internet name. I've met her a few times in person and I love her confidence in herself. She writes beautifully- her birth stories sound gorgeous. And I love her Shape of a Mother post- and how she's not ashamed of how childbearing affected her body. I was remembering her entry a couple of weeks ago at the family reunion, knowing that some of my pregnancy stretch marks were visible. I thought of her and said to myself, "I have these marks because I am a mother, and I am not ashamed of that!"

alisaterry I was at her house today and was thinking about how she just keeps on going when things around her aren't going well. She magnifies her assests, which is a quality I would like to have. I'm glad I'll get to hang out with her for a little while longer as her husband finishes up school.

Sarah I admire her because of how she isn't afraid to do what she knows is best. I remember her telling me her conversion story and that amazed me. I admire anyone who joins the Church against their family's wishes- I know how rough it can be when family aren't supportive of your choices, and I'm glad that my family at least supports my religious choices.

Joy She is just so kind and thoughtful. And she bakes her family's bread herself. How does she find time for that? and ECing? And she is so supportive to her husband- I've only met him once, but I can tell how much she supports and loves him. Plus, she's a car seat junkie. I've never met one of those before- it's kind of fun to know when a new model of car seat comes out.

Shannon Ok. I'll admit. I was a little scared of Shannon at first. She comes off pretty strong, but I am so glad of that. It is so refreshing to know a woman who has opinions of her own and doesn't just go along with the crowd. She makes choices based on meaningful information. She's a leader. Plus, I hope I am as crunchy as she is someday.

Andrea I'm her visiting teacher, but last week she came and pretty much visit taught me- she watched Margaret while I clean the bathroom and some of the house and even did some of my dishes. She's so nice. I'm pretty sure I'm going to homeschool because of her now.

Rixa I admire Rixa. When I was pregnant and found her blog, I felt like we had a lot in common when it came to how people reacted to our births which gave me courage in my choices. She's also very classy and can handle criticism and mudslinging without getting dirty herself. And she's knowledgeable. I feel honored when she links to my blog.

Ok. Ok. That's 10 and you're probably bored of this, so I'll stop and pick it up again tomorrow. Maybe I'll have a "People I Admire" series these next few days.

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