Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Wildfire

I spent many of Margaret's naps blog-hopping yesterday. The blogging community is in quite a storm about the AMA and ACOG's recent statements.

I learned 2 things yesterday:

  1. I should probably link to some more blogs because blog-hopping is, well, fun!
  2. You start in the birthing realm and can end up reading about birth trauma and birth rape, lactivism, vaccination debates, circumcision debates and anti-cry-it-out research. And that's fun, too.
I spent yesterday thinking to myself, "I should remember to save the link to that study! And that study! Oh, and I didn't know they did a study on that!"

I have tried to keep the sidebars to a minimum, but then I know you can't blog hop and that's not as fun for you.

So expect my sidebars to take on new life today!

Meanwhile, here's a little segment a friend sent out about Ricki Lake's response to the AMA. Interestingly, the OB/GYN interviewed is pro-homebirths.

1 comment:

  1. I wish all the people who were "scared" about your home birth could have read or watched some of this stuff!


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