Thursday, July 31, 2008

For your Celebrations

Starting tomorrow, it'll be World Breastfeeding Week.

Looking for things to do? Click on a link!
World Breastfeeding Week homepage
World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action

For those of you in Utah (like me):
Utah Breastfeeding Coalition

At the WBW site, you can access a letter from WHO and a letter from UNICEF stating their support in WBW and why they support it.

You don't need much to breastfeed, but I've found lots of fun breastfeeding-promoting items.
There are many many many many many many many many shops on cafepress that sell shirts and such. Just go to cafepress and search "lactivism" or "breastfeeding advocacy."

Want to support moms? Etsy is a great place to buy some handmade stuff! I've found some great stuff!
The Littlest Nipper
Skull and Crossbones Nursing Pads
All-Natural Nursing Necklace
Boobie Ball- I enjoyed reading the description!
International Breastfeeding Symbol Pendant
Another (beautiful) pendant
Gosh. I could spend hours looking at the nursing necklaces!

As always there are lots of sites that you can find support and answers to breastfeeding questions.
Dr. Newman

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  1. Love WBW!!! Here is another shameless Etsy plug, my shop! I have ring slings that are SO great for breastfeeding! :)


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